High quality assessment is an essential part of what teachers do in the classroom.  From a simple question and answer session to check if students are ready to move on in their learning to a formal examination, teachers are constantly gathering information about their students.  The information they gather has a number of uses:

  • to help teachers plan
  • to let teachers and students understand where they are in their learning and how to move on
  • to monitor and track progress
  • to trigger intervention
  • to provide information for parents

For most year groups parents can access assessment, attendance, behaviour and reports information via their Go4Schools logon. Please see below 2 documents to explain the Go4Schools logon process:

Logging on to Go4Schools for the first time

Logging on to Go4Schools for once password has been reset

Reporting Schedule

Report Reflection

PDF Version: Report Reflection


Report Guidance

PDF Version: Report Guidance


Go4Schools Quick Start Guides





  • Reports are created and published on go4Schools after each half term
  • Some reports include data only
  • Twice a year reports include brief comments from subject teachers - what is going well, what needs to improve and targets
  • One report, towards the end of the year, will include a character report from a student's form tutor and head of year

All reports include a current grade (where your child currently is) which is color coded to show if they are on track or not.  They also include an attitude to learning (ATL) grade.

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You can download a pdf version of the 2018/19 schedule using the following link: Reporting Snapshot Schedule 2019-20


Your child's assessment information will be drawn from a number of sources as they progress through the years.  each subject may be slightly different to take into account their specific content and assessment schemes.

On each report and on Go4Schools in general, the current grade will show where your child is.  This grade will be colour coded:

PURPLE: Already exceeding target grade

GREEN: On track to achieve target grade

YELLOW: Slightly off track and has areas to address to ensure they can achieve or exceed their target

RED: Serious concerns and off track to the extent that they may not make acceptable progress.

Students in each year will have a number of main assessments that give a very good picture of where a child is in their learning and what needs to happen to improve.  Some of the main assessments are:

  • End of unit tests
  • End of year exams
  • Y10 exams
  • Y11 mock exams and Y11 2nd mocks

The documents below give good guidance on the new GCSE grades being used at KS3 and KS4 (these will open as pdf documents)

Comparing GCSE CN and ECDL grades

Grades and Levels Comparison


In the sixth form:

Go4Schools is used in the sixth form as in the secondary phase. Assessments on Go4Schools will often be based on examination-style activities and questions.

End of Year 12 exams and mock examinations in Year 13 are two important assessment periods which have implications for students and teachers.  These will give indications about whether students are making acceptable progress.  They may lead to resit exams for those who have failed to meet the required standard and trigger extra support/guidance.