House Plays 2017

Please see below the official adjudication by Mrs Cornell and a selection of photos from the House Plays 2017 event.

“Beane opened the show with a strong performance with ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’. A lovely tableau picture  was revealed as this moral tale commenced. Great individual work from Nina Palmer and Chloe Hill and a really special ‘bromance’ between Taylor French and Michael Penson. Some lovely ensemble work from the year 7 servants. Well done to Heather Morgan, Mary Gibbard and Evie O’Connor.

 Rib’s offering was the wonderfully titled ‘Bar Wars-  Return of the Sauce’. An accomplished and confident narration from Sarah Greaves. A big well done to Kallie Batchelor and Anna Beaven who had strong vocal strength and convincing characterisation. A delightful first appearance in House plays from Sebastian Fioravante and Bella Baker. Very well staged and appropriate use of music and dance. Good work from Cam McLeod, Mack Isaac and Alfie Mayes.

A rousing chorus introduced the Mimram Crew. Here we saw strong off-text confidence and  effective audience participation. Nice ‘god’ work from Max, Lola and Keira and an impressive ‘Ajax’ routine from Paul Busby and Ewan Dowton. A very special mention needs to go to Ewan Dipper who performed his song brilliantly. Mega well done to Jacob Whitelegg-Spavin who drove this epic project ‘solo’.

Next was Ashbourne tackling the well known story of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, with Directors Ronnie Jackson and Meghan Johnston using a combination of stage performance and sound track from  the 1939 film. Here we saw a confident performance from Grace Stanbrook as Dorothy and a super trio of Scarecrow (Emma Robinson), Tin Man (Rowena Carr) and a well observed cowardly lion (Harry Palmer). A special mention to ‘Toto’ – the amazing ‘flying’ dog!

New house was our penultimate performance with ‘Into The Woods’. A fabulous and confident cast who were well choreographed and really well staged. The whirlwind arrive of Dawa Karko as the wicked witch is worthy of a mention as is the delightful engaging performance of Cinderella by Tilly Maynard. Acapella marvelous from Jacob Broadwood and an impassioned song from David Burnside. Great fun as the bodies stacked up at the end. Well done to True Meischke and Rebecca Burnside.

 Our evening was rounded off nicely with Lea House’s ‘Shrek’. A large cast with notable performance from Harry Moore as the energetic and ‘irritating’ Donkey and from James Milroy as the menacing Lord Farquar. Some clever double casting with the two Princess Fionas – who both performed really well. Clever covering and embracing of  the ‘technical difficulties’.

Well done to both Leah Hawkins and Molly Nesbitt-Larking.”



Best Newcomer = Harry Moore

Best individual performance = Kallie Batchelor

Audience Appreciation = New

Best overall = Rib

House Points Update 16/10/2017

Curious to see how your house is faring in the table this year?  Please see the latest update below and earn points for yourself and your house! Congratulations to the students of the week for last week.

Rib – House Champions 2017

I want to take this opportunity to say a big congratulations and well done to Rib House. We finished this year’s cycle as the top house achieving a record total of 8189 points. This is the highest tally since we launched the new house system. Rib also accumulated the least negative points to ensure they held off a brave challenge from Beane.

Rib have led since February 2nd with each student from EYFS to Y13 averaging 40 points per person. A remarkable feat after recent poor performances in the house points league. Many have said the change this year was down to inspirational leadership, but of course each student needs to take full credit and enjoy the reward to come!

The house will be presented with the trophy at the awards evening  on July 13th. We now start our next goal of maintaining the trophy for 2018 and preparing for sports day.

Well done all and keep up the impressive work.