House Points Update 14/05/2018

Please see below the latest house point standings.  We usually add the top 3 (or 4 or 5) students for the previous week to the image but as there are 11 with the second score we are listing them here instead.

Along with Alisha with a score of 5, congratulations to the following students who all scored 4:

Bella Baker 7R, Emily Coupe 9M, Callum Hopkinson 7A, Zane Mirza 7N, Elliot Moore 7A, Freya Praverman 7B, Abigail Ross 7L, Saskia Sheridan 11R, Ashton Simmons-Hall 7B, Katie Spinks 9R and Carys Tucker 7N.

House Points Update 08/05/2018

It was clearly a good week for girls with names beginning with A last week – congratulations to the ‘Students of the Week’! Please also see the latest house points standings as we enter the final couple of weeks.

House Points Update 16/04/2018

Please see below the latest house points standings going into the final push to half term.  You will also see the top point scorers per year group in the image below – they are coloured depending on their houses (if there is a white background it denotes a member of Ashbourne House)
Congratulations to  all! (Please click on the images to see larger versions)