More People Who Help Us

The Squirrels and Hedgehogs in Reception have loved learning all about different people who help us this half term. Recently, we have been lucky enough to have some more special visitors.

Isaac’s daddy Namik came in to talk to us about being a postman. He told us about the journey of a letter and what he has to do in his job. The children then had the chance to write their own letters to their friends which Namik delivered for us. Thank you Namik – the children have been inspired with letter writing ever since and loved hearing all about being a postman.

We were also lucky enough to have a visit from Summer’s daddy, Stuart. He is a dentist and taught us all about how we can look after our teeth, and what he does in his job. He kindly gave all of the children a timer so they know how long to brush their teeth for. Thank you for the wonderful visit.

To finish our topic, the children have also been for a visit to Hertford Fire Station, where they enjoyed learning about all of the things that a firefighter has to do, and how they can help us. The children had a go at squirting the hoses and even got to sit in the fire engine.

Please enjoy some of the photos from our trip, and also of our visitors!

Old £10 Notes

You may be aware that the old style paper £10 bank notes are ceasing to be legal tender from midnight on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

So from Thursday 1st March 2018 we will no longer be able to accept the old £10 note for any cash payments in the school.  You can still exchange your old notes at your bank.

We urge you to ensure that any payments made into the finance office or canteen are made with the new polymer notes!

Team Music

In the coming few weeks all the musicians at Simon Balle will be awarded a badge to wear in school, showing that they are part of ‘Team Music’.

This is our way of bringing together all our musicians and celebrating how many there are at Simon Balle, in all phases of our learning. Y2 are already wearing them and others will receive them in assembly.  Parents and carers are an important part of our team as well, supporting the musicians in their learning.

Being a musician at Simon Balle means that everyone is part of the team supporting each other at all times.

‘Our Musical Family’

Online Safety Tips

As part of our programme of e-safety training we have produced a set of guides regarding online safety.  These are age-specific with relevant information and advice for parents.

We have set up a specific page on this website for ease of access – you can find it via the ‘About SBAS’ tab/E safety/Online Safety Tips

We add new resources to the e-safety area periodically so please remember to check it for new additions.

People Who Help Us

This week the Squirrels and Hedgehogs in Reception have been thinking about ‘People Who Help Us’. We have been very lucky to have two visitors who came to talk to us about their jobs, and how they help people.

On Monday, Isabelle’s daddy, Stuart, came to talk to us all about being a Police Officer in London. He brought in lots of equipment to show us, including hats and body armour which the children had great fun trying on. There was even a real life crime scene too when his teddy went missing, so a cordon was set up and we were taught all about collecting evidence. Luckily the children didn’t want the culprits (Miss Williams and Miss Emery) taken to the police station! Stuart left us some interesting things to explore, including some finger printing ink and a forensic suit!

On Tuesday, Aaron’s mummy, Mrs Kyriacos, came in to tell us all about her job as a dietician, and how to keep our bodies healthy. She showed us lots of different fruits and vegetables and we talked about how many handfuls we should be eating each day. The children then enjoyed making a picture out of the fruit and veg, before tasting them.

Thank you to both of our visitors for providing the children with such fantastic learning opportunities! You can see a selection of the photographs taken below.

Using Apps For Impact – SBAS Teach Meet

As a part of our Professional Development Programme we held our first ‘Using Apps for Impact’ Teach Meet on Thursday.

It was a great opportunity for members of staff from all backgrounds and levels of ‘i-experience’ to share how they have been using the students’ devices in and out of lessons. The examples shared are clearly having a fantastic impact on progress, engagement, independence and communication and we are all looking forward to trying them out.

The list below shows the wide range of strategies being used across the school.

Thanks to all who came and shared ideas.

Simple Mind
Click View
Google Classroom
Google Sites
QR Scanner
Tiny Scan
Cam Scan