Reception Trip To Paradise Wildlife Park

In the last week of term our Reception children rounded up their topic on ‘Pets and Animals’ by visiting Paradise Wildlife Park. They had a wonderful time looking at all the different animals and recalling the facts they have learnt across the topic. They were able to talk about mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

George said, “The watersnake was my favourite animal, it was massive.”

“I liked the lions because they have sharp teeth and claws and are furry” said Ava

Daye told us, “I liked it when the penguins stretched up and did a little waddle dance.”

The children loved the coach journey and having their packed lunched under a canopy. They had a fantastic time and made us very proud with the sensible way they behaved all day.

Well done Hedgehogs and Squirrels!

Science Week 2018

Another fantastic science week took place at SBAS with many exciting activities taking place for all years on a range of topics.

Activities included honeycomb and ice cream making, the Great Egg Race, whizz bang chemistry experiments, making density towers and dissecting owl pellets. The primary students were involved too, setting off their own rockets on the school field. They were excellent, many flying very high into the sky.

The highlight, as usual, was the visit from members of the Royal Veterinary College who held a number of sessions.  They taught students about gowning up for operations, how to apply bandages, ultrasound and x rays analysis and – my favourite – learning how to stitch wounds together.

It was a great week – please look through the photos below.

Young Watercolourists

Miss Emery and myself have been running an after school watercolour painting club for Y1 students. Each week, the children learnt new skills such as different brush strokes and how to mix water colour paints. We used books such as ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and ‘The Mixed Up Chameleon’ to inspire the artwork, and the children worked really hard throughout the sessions.

We finished our club with an art gallery showcase where the children each invited their families to come and admire all of their hard work!

SBAS Helps Bring Water

Over the past few weeks our students have been hearing in assembly how our fundraising efforts over the year have positively impacted on the lives of the students at our sister school. With the money we raised we have been able to supply a new water pump which pipes clean drinking water directly into Samba Njabeh school for the first time in its history.

Last week we were delighted to receive a wonderful package full to the brim of handwritten thank you letters from our sister school students. Mamadou, one of the students, summed up his appreciation, writing, “Thank you very much for providing our school with clean drinking water. Now we are not going outside to fetch it”.

Margaret, who helped us to establish our sister school link, was lucky enough to be able to attend the turning on of the tap. She tells us, “there was great excitement with some children even pouring it over their heads! It was a great day. In England we take clean water for granted.”

You can see copies two of the letters we were sent via the links below as well as a few of the photos.

Keep your eyes peeled for further fundraising events. We are so proud of the charitable ethos within the SBAS community – what a fantastic outcome!

Gambia letter-head 0318     Gambia letter Helping 0318

Strings and Singing 2018

An inspirational concert took place last weekend – our first all-through concert. It was a memorable evening featuring musicians from across our musical community. Y2 excelled themselves with their musicianship, and all our musicians were exceptional.

I hear many school concerts and I was blown away by the quality of what was performed and how the musicians have improved in recent months. All schools say they have a good music department. Come and hear ours and say that again!

What our musicians achieved was beyond what I thought would happen and so moving – all performing one special piece as well.

For our school, it was a historic moment. Supporting each other, supporting our all-through school.

Special Animal Visitors

Yesterday our Hedgehogs and Squirrels classes enjoyed a day full of four-legged visitors! In the morning, Summer’s dad brought in some of their Guinea Pigs. Summer and her daddy enjoy looking after their large family of Cavies as a hobby and thought it would be nice to share their interests with the children. We learnt lots of interesting facts about the guinea pigs and how to look after them. The children got to hold or stroke the guinea pigs and listen to a story about them too. Thank you!

In the afternoon, Miss Williams’ mummy and brother brought in some new born lambs from their farm! Some children got to have a go at giving them a bottle of milk and everyone could stroke the lambs if they wished. It was lovely listening to the bleating lambs and watching them potter around the hall. Thank you to Miss Williams’ family.

Bread Making – Across The Years

Both Y7 and Y2 have been learning about how to make bread and so we decided to do some cross-phase learning.

A group of Y2 came along to join in with the Y7 demonstration lesson on how to make “quick bread”, whereby there is no proving process. The Y7 students then worked as tutors, teaching and helping Y2 to learn how to knead and shape the dough.

The following week the Y2s talked through the process of bread making and I led a session on making and baking the bread.  They had to weigh and measure ingredients accurately then work as a team to knead.  They shaped individual rolls and thoroughly enjoyed sampling the finished products!

Y1/Y2 Gymnastic Competition

Last Monday, the primary phase entered their first competition since opening in 2015 –  and what a competition it was!

Students from Y1 and Y2 were entered in to the Hertford and Ware schools sports partnership gymnastic competition at Wodson Park, in which they had to demonstrate skill elements they had learnt within their P.E lessons last term.

The students performed a floor routine and showed their balance-dismount skill. They shone a light on what magnificent students and athletes we have here within the Larch Centre. A big thank you has to go out to the parents who supported the school and their children, and as a school we look forward to many more competitions to come.

Y1Y2 Gym 2018 from Simon Balle on Vimeo.