Handwriting Award 2018

Last month all of our students in Y2/Y7/Y8 and Y9 took part in the Queen Mother’s national handwriting competition.  To our delight we have just been informed that Y7 student Georgie Robins has been announced overall winner for her age category in this prestigious competition – well done Georgie!

Georgie will be given an engraved Cross pen and certificate as reward for her achievement.  She will also receive a family ticket for the Cambridgeshire Food & Drink Festival later this month.

As a school we have also decided to nominate some students for some in house prizes as there were so many exceptional entries.  So, further congratulations must go to:

Emily Ayres 7R, Ava Meekoms 7B, Lilley Tooley 8R, Ellie Fisher 8L, Adi Sinha 9L and Callum Stern 9R.

Mock Trial Y8 English

The State of California v George Milton

8C1/En have held a mock trial based on events within the novella ‘Of Mice and Men’.

As part of this the students developed their knowledge about the US legal system as well as building on their critical thinking skills and public speaking. It was a tense affair but eventually George was found guilty by the jury and sentenced by our judges.

Y7 Sound Waves 2018

Our Y7 students have been learning about sound waves.   They have discovered that sound waves are longitudinal and that their vibrations occur in the same direction as the direction of travel.  Sound waves can only travel through a solid, liquid or gas.  They have learnt that when an object vibrates it produces sound.

  • the greater the amplitude, the louder the sound
  • the greater the frequency, the higher the pitch

To help demonstrate these principles they have made musical instruments.   Their project had to illustrate both volume and pitch.   I hope you agree they have done this very well.

Trixie Qualifies For English Schools

On Saturday at Jarman Park, Hemel Hempstead, we had 10 athletes competing at the Herts Schools Track and Field Championships.

Star of the show was Y10 student Trixie W who ran a great 800m race. Trixie took the lead from the gun and went through the first lap in a scorching 61secs; however, still pursued by two contenders. With 100m to go Trixie pulled away to win in a time of 2mins 13secs and qualify for the English Schools.

We wish Trixie the best of luck at these championships which take place on the 13th & 14th July at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.

Challenge: Water – Success

A team of our Y8 students recently came second in Affinity Water’s Challenge: Water Competition. Students have been working since January on designing a water saving device. They have invented TAPP, a tap that is controlled by an app, with the intention that people would use less water when filling their bath. Students also had to promote water saving habits by running a campaign.

The competition ended with students having to present their project to over 100 people. The audience included competitors from other schools, university lecturers and representatives from Water Aid, Affinity Water, the Environmental Agency and Save Water, Save Money. The students did exceptionally well and winning second prize was a real achievement. Students will also be awarded with a Silver CREST award which is an impressive achievement for Y8 students. Well done.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week was before half term.  We raised awareness about our innate mental health through mindfulness tips every day, emailed to all students and staff.

Mindfulness is just about noticing and observing feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. Not DOING anything about them, but just becoming more aware.

So the tips included:

– breathing techniques: the simplest thing you can take notice of

– body scan: to become aware of how we feel physically

– sitting and listening: noticing everything going on around us for a minute or two

These tips will be posted around school, as little reminders for us to take a moment to check in with ourselves, especially during the busy exam period

Industrial Cadets and Big Bang Fair 2018

Good luck to our latest Industrial Cadets.  We have 2 teams of dedicated Y9 students who are currently working on a 10 week project working with EDT and GSK to improve health and recycling in our school. They will be presenting their work to a panel of experts on June 15th.



We also sent 3 teams to the finals of the  Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Competition.  The standard of entries this year was exceptionally high, but two of our teams made it through to the final round of judges, presenting their work to science professors from Oxford University and the CEO of a major engineering company.  Congratulations to all of them, they were excellent ambassadors for STEM in our school.

Space Data Zone 2018

Congratulations to Ruben in Y8 who was the student winner in the Space Data Zone in an event called “I am a Scientist Get Me Out of Here” held during National Science week.  This is an annual competition where real scientists discuss their work with students and the students get to ask questions and vote on their favourite.  Ruben won this prize for asking some of the best questions.  Could you answer them?

How long do stars live for?  Why is space black?  What does space smell like?  See the answers to these and more at https://spacedatam18.imascientist.org.uk/