Cross Country February Update

Last weekend the Herts Cross Country Championships took place at Verulanium Park, St Albans.

In the Senior Girls race, Elspeth G was defending her title from 2017. After a steady start she worked her way through the field to finish in an excellent 5th place and will now represent Hertfordshire at the English Schools’ Cross Country Championship in Leeds during March.

In the Pre-Junior girls (Y7) race, both Simon Balle girls, Lily H and Niamh S ran well to finish in the top 25.


Outstanding GCSE Art

The Y11 Fine Art students have recently concluded their project based on the theme of ‘Portraiture’ and have produced some sensational work. We have been absolutely blown away by their talent!  You can see some of the examples below.

The art rooms were filled with incredible portraits created in a range of media from the humble Biro to oil paints and mixed media, each one communicating their personalities to the viewer.

The Y11s are now busy generating ideas and exploring techniques for their exam project titled ‘Fragments.’ We are already seeing some exciting and skilful work being produced in the art rooms and we cannot wait to see what they create in the final ten hour exam in April.

We wish them every success!

Giant-Sized Maths Task

This week in maths 8D2 were presented with a giant-sized hand print that had been found somewhere on the school grounds. We asked them to create an ‘actual size’ giant so that we could help those trying to work out whom – or what – could have made the handprint.

They were told that there had been sightings and that the ‘giant’ had the same proportions as a human body. Y8 used the handprint and their knowledge of proportion to find a scale factor (about 1.5), from human to giant size. This allowed them to then use their own body measurements to create all of the body parts for the giant.

I think you can agree that, from the photo evidence below, it’s quite a scary creation!

Old £10 Notes

You may be aware that the old style paper £10 bank notes are ceasing to be legal tender from midnight on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

So from Thursday 1st March 2018 we will no longer be able to accept the old £10 note for any cash payments in the school.  You can still exchange your old notes at your bank.

We urge you to ensure that any payments made into the finance office or canteen are made with the new polymer notes!

Y7 Castle Day 2018

Y7 excelled themselves in the annual castle competition this year, bringing in the historically accurate castles they had constructed or drawn over the Christmas holidays to show off to their peers and teachers. The standard of castle was exceptionally high and there was fierce competition to win in the Best Model, Best Cake and Best Artwork categories.

Y7 have been studying William the Conqueror’s use of castles to control England, from the original wooden motte and bailey structures to the more elaborate stone keep fortresses, and demonstrated their historical understanding as well as their artistic skill through their creations. It was clear that countless hours had been spent baking, drawing or constructing at home, and the results were testament to the dedication, knowledge and talent of the students.

The winners in each category, as voted for by the teachers who visited the exhibition throughout the day, were as follows:

Best Model Best Cake Best Artwork
A Amelia Law A Lily Hepburn A Sophie Preston
B Grace Hamilton B Sophie Sugarman B Jessie Tappin
L Connor Randall L Georgie Robins L Rhyanna Byford
M Matthew Brooks M Maisie Jollyman M Lennon Pearse
N Matthew Heath N Lola-Rose Prior N Georgia Tsekoura
R Seb Fioravante R Jack May R Charlie Weston

You can see all of the entries below – well done to our Y7 students!

Y7 Geography Rainfall Spinners

In geography, our Y7 students have been working very hard in class creating rainfall spinners.

They had to include an explanation and a diagram for the three different types of rainfall. These were convectional rainfall (evaporation), frontal rainfall (warm and cool air masses) and relief rainfall (altitude). They were able to organise this material onto circular disks, ensuring that the diagram and explanation for one rainfall type was opposite each other.

They were then able to cut out the circle overlay that revealed only one rainfall type at a time. Not only did students have a great deal of fun learning about the different types of rainfall and have produced some excellent rainfall spinners, but they have also produced an excellent revision resource.

You can see a selection of the spinners below – well done Y7 geographers!

(Miss Pratley, Geography Department)

Y13 Geographers Investigate Economic Ties

The Year 13 Geographers have been investigating the growing economic ties between emerging superpowers and the developing world.

To help them assess the effect of these changing relationships, the students worked in groups to sift through the evidence and identify the most significant impacts.