KS5 Results 2018

A Level

We are delighted with the results gained today  – more than 80 students are heading off to their chosen university courses.









Members of staff from the sixth form will also be in school on Friday 17th August 2018 until 1pm.  If any students have any questions or concerns regarding University places, please contact Mr Taylor.



Thursday 23rd August 2018  Year 11 results will be available from 9.30am:—students need to confirm their sixth form study choices with a member of staff as soon as they receive their results.

If you are not available to collect your results, students need to contact the exams office for further information.

If you are not able to confirm your A Level choices in person please email Mr Coy

Art Exhibition 2018 Highlights

The end of year Art Exhibition was held in the Larch Centre recently, featuring incredible work from Reception right through to A Level.

Thank you to all those that attended in support of our students, it was a fantastic celebration of the creativity and hard work our students across the whole school put into exploring visual communication and creative media.

Classes across the school visited the gallery with the Art Department and were able to enjoy the inspiring work on show. KS3 and 4 students were able to identify the skills and ideas they are currently developing; an invaluable experience that enables them to see the similarities between their own work and those exhibited. As an all-through school we are so privileged that our A Level and GCSE students have the opportunity to inspire our reception and KS1 students who were amazed by the work on show.

The standard of work this year was outstanding and we wish all of our students leaving us this year the very best of luck, we are so proud of their achievements. Their work will go on to inspire students for many years to come.

Golf National Final 2018

For 2 days last week, Y12 students Adam T, Joe F and James R represented Simon Balle All-through, and Hertfordshire, at the schools golf national championship.

This is the third time the Boys have qualified for this tournament and they have really put us on the golfing map.

It is quite an achievement getting to the finals with 34 other counties being represented. The boys were an absolute credit to the school and played some amazing golf, finishing 17th in the country.

Starpack Awards 2018

We entered eleven Y12 students in to the Starpack Awards this year for the first time.

We had some fantastic submissions and feedback and were lucky enough to have six highly commended designs which were subsequently published in the end of year awards book as seen in the photographs.

The D&T department is having a real focus on creating industry based projects and projects which are authentic and wider than just school purposes to give our students the broadest design experience before they leave us to be architects, engineers, interior designers and much more.

Talented KS3 Artists

The Art Department have been blown away by the ‘Portrait of the Year’ entries from Y7, 8 and 9. The quality of work and the range of media our students explored was fantastic.

Due to the outstanding level of work being produced across KS3 our students were given the opportunity to compete for a place to exhibit their work next to the A level and GCSE Art and Design Students.

The vast number of entries have been collected and judged and the shortlisted work will be exhibited at our end of year exhibition on Tuesday 3rd July. Winners will be announced at 6pm during a short presentation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition and joining us in celebrating​ the creative abilities of students across all phases of Simon Balle All-through School.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week was before half term.  We raised awareness about our innate mental health through mindfulness tips every day, emailed to all students and staff.

Mindfulness is just about noticing and observing feelings, thoughts and physical sensations. Not DOING anything about them, but just becoming more aware.

So the tips included:

– breathing techniques: the simplest thing you can take notice of

– body scan: to become aware of how we feel physically

– sitting and listening: noticing everything going on around us for a minute or two

These tips will be posted around school, as little reminders for us to take a moment to check in with ourselves, especially during the busy exam period

Iterative Design And Testing

As part of the reformed A level in Product Design, our students undertake new projects.  They have taken inspiration from flowers, nature and Tom Raffield – a prominent young designer who believes in sustainability and organic design.

The images show great use of iterative design and testing to reach a final outcome which is expected at GCSE and A-Level more prominently now than ever before.

Moors The Merrier

Y12 students recently travelled to Haworth, Yorkshire, the home of the most celebrated family in English literature, the Bronte sisters.

Charlotte, Emily and Anne Bronte all lived quite foreshortened lives and were never comfortable in literary circles, yet produced, all writing around one table of a modest Yorkshire parsonage, novels which exert great influence to this day, particularly ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Jane Eyre’.

Our visit centred on the Bronte family home, the Parsonage, which now serves as a visitor centre, museum and hub for academic studies of the sisters’ novels. With lectures on literary and historical context, critical interpretations  and a tour of the Parsonage punctuated by an ice cream here and a cream tea there, our group embarked on an intrepid eight mile hike on the moors, a landscape which permeates  ‘Wuthering Heights’.

An exhaustive quiz in the youth hostel in the evening, on what the group had gleaned from the day’s activities, confirmed that they were all Bronte experts-in-waiting and prepared for the rigours of the English Non-examined Assessments. All that remained was a trip on a steam train on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway line and the warm embrace of family at Stevenage station.