Behaviour, Identity And Socialisation

Y12 Sociology students have been researching how behaviour and identity is influenced by the socialisation process.

They were allocated different agents of socialisation to investigate and the task was to produce a high quality verbal presentation and display board to show the findings of their research. The students voted on the clarity of the information presented and the creativity shown in the production of the display, with the winners receiving house points.

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Sociology – Linking Trends

The Y12 Sociology groups got into a twist during their lessons on family trends this week. They made links between trends related to marriage, divorce, cohabitation, family size, as well as birth and and death rates using string and post its. Excellent work produced, recorded onto google docs and applied to exam style questions. Well done!

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Y12 Sociology Culture Concepts

Y12 have made an excellent start to their AS Sociology. There are so many new concepts and ideas that they have to be introduced to at the start of the course.

It is important that they develop their understanding of these and can illustrate them with contemporary examples. To help them achieve this they had to research an allocated type of culture – global, high, popular, consumer, diversity or multiculturalism, and then create a picture board of their concept.They then had to use the picture board as a stimulus when presenting to the class.

Have a look at their creations – can you identify the culture they were researching?

Culture A

Culture A

Culture B

Culture B

Culture C

Culture C

Crime Statistics Project

The Y12 Sociology students have completed an extended learning project this half term which covers a key part of the A2 specification on crime statistics. There is a considerable amount of research that suggests that projects of this nature are successful in developing the critical skills that students need and a depth of understanding that other, more traditional, teaching techniques do not always achieve.

Ron Berger in his book “An Ethic of Excellence” discusses the impact of project based learning and the idea of making work public. He says that if work is made public “There is a reason to do the work well”. Student feedback suggests that the students agree with much of what Berger says and I certainly would agree based on the visual displays they produced and the excellent verbal presentations.

Have a look at the work they produced and decide for yourself!

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Sociology – Gender Identity

Soc GI 1Gender identity is a major area of study in the first AS Sociology unit. In order to help the students understand the different types of feminine and masculine identities, I set the students a creative task. They have to work together to produce a mural that demonstrates their understanding of gender identities.

AS Sociology – Identity Unit

A key feature of the first unit in AS Sociology is the need for students to understand the concept of identity. Good Sociology students also need to master the higher-order thinking skills and the ability to respond creatively to problems is a crucial skill that they need to master. I also stress the importance of working independently and productively outside of the classroom at an early stage.

In order to facilitate an early opportunity for the Sociologists to work in these ways I asked them to create a piece of work telling me about their own identity. I gave them the option to choose how they wish to present this piece of work. Have a look at some of their creations and decide for yourself if you think they have managed to develop their understanding of identity and produced a creative solution to the challenge I set.

Identity 1

Soc 1

Identity 2

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Identities 3 and 4

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Y12 Sociology

Year 12 Sociologists have just started their second AS module entitled Families and Households.

During this unit they have to develop a comprehensive understanding of different sociological perspectives.  To help them to begin to understand the key ideas of each theory the students had to make use of a variety of resources, including an information pack, textbooks and iPads to create a visual representation of their allocated theory and present the idea behind their creation.  I think you will see from the images below that some groups really did use their imagination and creative skills  (there was to have been a link to a Feminism video but it was so detailed that the file size was too large to upload to the website!)






Sociology revision conference

On the 6th December the Year 12 Sociology students welcomed Max Kay, a principal examiner for OCR Sociology and some students from Barnwell School to an AS revision conference in preparation for the January examination.

Students had a presentation and talk on ways to help them plan their revision and a summary of the unit content. They looked at sample questions and answers, practice papers, revision helpers and practiced marking scripts.

A level crime and deviance

Year 13 Sociology students have been working collaboratively to tackle a challenging A Level crime and deviance essay. The students were given different sections of the essay to plan and research and then came together to add their contribution to the overall plan.