Last Friday we celebrated Roald dahl’s 102nd Birthday. Every child dressed as their favourite character from one of his world famous books or wore yellow, which is Roald Dahl’s favourite colour. Every classroom engaged in learning linked to Roald Dahl… Read about the fun we had!


In Reception, we focused on The Enormous Crocodile. The children listened to the story and came up with actions to help them retell it using a story map we created as a whole class. The children then thought of some different characters and new ‘secret plans and clever tricks’. We also used junk modelling and collage materials to make our own Enormous Crocodile.

Year 1

In Year one we were busy thinking about the book Esio Trot. In maths, we made our own tortoises and put them in order of size, in literacy we made character profiles and we also spent some time learning all about Roald Dahl. On Friday, Miss Ponder brought in her own tortoise who had not been growing, so the children all write him a backwards spell, just like in the book, and took turns whispering them to the tortoise. Later, we measured the tortoise again and he really had grown bigger!

Year 2

In Year two, we focused on The Twits. The children wrote facts about Roald Dahl’s life as an author. They wrote their own trick that Mr and Mrs Twit played on each other, we enjoyed laughing at the imaginative ideas. Finally, the children wrote recipes for a Twit Pie! We added some ingredients to play a trick, like the wormy spaghetti trick that Mr Twit played!

Year 3

In Year three, we focused on the story of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Through the week we built up vocabulary, using our senses to describe what we would hear, see, feel, taste and smell when travelling down the chocolate river. Year three then wrote their own ‘Down the Chocolate River’ poems using similes, onomatopoeia and alliteration! Their journeys sounded scrumdiddlyumptious!