At Simon Balle All-through School we passionately believe that our website is the true ‘view on the school’ – our rolling blog format celebrates all aspects of school life.  Below you will find the links to the departmental showcases – a history of the posts departments have published, celebrating their work. They are listed alphabetically – please click on the department names.  You can also find other ‘showcase’ pages throughout the website.




Art & Design Department Showcase

Design & Technology Department Showcase

English Department Showcase

Food & Catering Department Showcase

Geography Department Showcase

History Department Showcase

Simon Balle Library Showcase

ICT Department Showcase

Maths Department Showcase

MFL Department Showcase

Music Department Showcase

PE Department Showcase

Performing Arts Department Showcase

Politics Department Showcase

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics Department Showcase

Psychology Department Showcase

Science Department Showcase

Sociology Department Showcase