E-safety is an essential part of safeguarding students at Simon Balle All-through School to ensure that they can have a safe online life.  All staff have  e-safety training and have completed an online module.

The Autumn 2016 Herts for Learning e-safety newsletter for parents can be accessed by clicking on this link:  HfL_esafety_newsletter_parent_aut16

Please find below an amended version of the presentation used at the Parents’ e-safety Information Evening February 2016.  Further information can be found below the presentation – please also look out for our Websafe Wednesday posts!


For all the links to sites that can help with advice regarding cyberbullying please click cyberbullying_advice link to access the latest (Nov 2014) Department of Education advice for parents.  The document contains links for social media, mobile phone company contacts and support organisations.


The internet is an exciting and fun place for adults and children to use and explore for education, work, leisure and social communication.  The challenge for parents, carers and teachers is to make sure our children are aware and understand how to be safe when

Think mobile imageusing the internet and related technologies.

Computers, tablets, smart phones, games consoles and even some televisions give access the internet, with all the great things that it can bring.  Being e-safe can allow users of all ages to experience the benefits of our increasingly digital world, whilst reducing the risks that can also arise.

In school the filtered internet services from the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning provides for a safe and secure online environment.   The Network Manager and his team also have the ability to customise the web-filtering policy that applies to different year groups to ensure that students are protected, whilst being able to access information they may need for their studies.

Key stage 3 students learn about e-safety, including cyber-bullying, at the start of each year.  Safety is also covered as part of the GCSE level courses.  The e-safety units for students in years 7 and 8 use materials from a range of sources including CEOP and children’s charities.  We work closely with the e-safety advisor at Hertfordshire Schools ICT Support Service and below are a number of documents produced by them and other useful links.  There is also a video produced as part of European e-safety month.

All school staff receive e-safety briefings and guidance to ensure they are kept up-to-date.  Incidents of cyber-bullying and intimidation using social media sites, texting, or other digital media are taken very seriously.  All reported cases will be investigated thoroughly in the same way as any other case of bullying and serious sanctions will be imposed on those who are guilty of such anti-social behaviour.



 European Cyber Security Month


Useful guidance documents from SITSS about E-safety





Useful Web Sites about e-safety – click on the logos below to access the sites: