Digital Technologies

Our vision for digital technologies statement has been created to help us visualise how our school will use digital technologies now and in the future.

The vision is based on three main areas, ‘The School Curriculum’, ‘Our Community’ and ‘Safeguarding’ as follows:

Our digital technologies vision in summary:

  1. To improve students’ achievement by using digital technologies in new and creative ways, encouraging variety in the way the curriculum is delivered to inspire and challenge our students.  Also to encourage innovation and efficiency in the way our teachers approach the planning of their lessons,  To encourage independence and responsibility in our students and ensure that they are effective, efficient and critical users of digital technology.
  2. To maximise the efficiency of the education we provide.  To use digital technologies to help parents connect with the learning occurring in school and the achievement of their children.  To form strong links as a learning community by ensuring that we provide a window on the life of the school through digital technologies.
  3. To safeguard our students’ interests and protect them by ensuring we are always mindful of the effects of developing digital technologies within our school.  To ensure that safeguarding considerations are central to the development of infrastructure and work of the educational technologies team, and in the minds of teachers when planning lessons.  Develop the responsibility of our students to be safe users of digital technology.

This means

  1. Robust network infrastructures
  2. Reliable and speedy internet access