On Tuesday 5th March, Simon Balle held the 2018/19 EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) presentation evening which gave us, as students, the opportunity to not only celebrate our research but to also share our newly acquired knowledge with those who came to support us.

The main purpose of our presentation is to showcase our research, process and project contributing to the final grade of our EPQ. There was a diverse range of projects which represented the individuality each student at our school. As well as the topics being different, each final project is entirely unique ranging from essays to artefacts. We were performing our presentations to parents, prospective students from Yr11, teachers, governors and peers who all contributed to boosting how proud we felt of our work.

My project was on the Armenian Genocide, something personal to me as it affected my family.  I am incredibly proud of what I have been able to achieve and I will carry the skills and knowledge that I have learnt with me through future studies. For example, it was my first time collecting primary data, evaluating sources and conducting interviews. With the support of my supervisor, I was able to succeed in developing these skills and was therefore able to facilitate this through my presentation.  

Megan S