At Simon Balle, we believe in the importance of enrichment activities and therefore we provide a wide range of opportunities to engage students in extra-curricular learning.

We work in close partnership with Busy Lizzies who offer, on our school site, a daily breakfast club (7.45am - 8.45am) for Early Years, key stages one and two and a daily after school club (3.15pm to either 4.45pm or 6pm) for Early years and key stage one. As well as providing enjoyable activities, and opportunities for children to play and socialise beyond the school day, we recognise the essential childcare nature of this provision. In addition, they run their own Nursery for children in the final year before they begin Reception. Please find out more on their website and facebook page: www.busylizziesatsimonballe.co.uk and www.facebook.com/busylizziesatsimonballe

We recognise that in Years 1 and 2, children are beginning to be ready to try out and select from a range of extra-curricular activities. For each half term from the second half of autumn term to the summer, we offer low-cost clubs from 3.15pm - 4.15pm several times a week. These are in areas as diverse as karate, sewing, running, drama, choir  and more!

Letter to Parents

Explorers’ club is our daily provision for children in Years 3 - 6 after school. It is designed to further extend a broad, rich curriculum; further develop pupils’ positive attitudes, thriving together; support pupils to learn eagerly; provide wide-ranging artistic, musical, sporting and cultural opportunities; foster children’s curiosity and open new horizons.

A  weekly choice of activities is timetabled, £6 per evening, ending at 4.45pm. Focus areas are likely to change each half term; examples given below. Commitment is expected for a half term. 



Culture club - To include: Art, cookery, Chinese studies, Latin and more!



Sports’ skills - Each half term will focus on a different sport, indoors and outdoors, including dance and swimming



Music school - Opportunities will range from composing and computer-based music to singing and performing. All welcome!



Games compendium - Strategic thinkers invited! Taught board games will include chess, battleships, Boggle and more. Online games to be included.



Friday fitness - To include: Football, orienteering and outdoor learning. 

Children are welcome to stay from 4.45pm up until 6pm (collection at any time during this period), charged at a further £4 per evening. Activities will include support for homework, self-directed play and reading. Healthy snacks included.