Simon Balle has recently received a rather exciting package in the post, all the way from our link school, Samba Njabeh, in the Gambia. Earlier last year, you may recall that some of our students became penfriends with them.

Many of the school children in the Gambia have been busy writing letters to our Simon Balle students. In these letters, they speak of their families, school and the Gambian way of life.

This experience has given us a deep insight into how different, and often difficult, life can be for some of these Gambian children and a chance for our students to reflect on things we may take for granted.

As always, we are committed to ensuring that every Simon Balle student becomes a citizen who embodies our ‘GROUP’ values:

G – Globally aware

R – Respectful

O – Open-minded

U – Understanding

P – Pro-active

Students who are interested in replying to the letters should go to L2 on Wednesday 17th January during lunchtime.