History of the houses

We have re-launched our House system. With great enthusiasm, the students along with the House Leaders in Y13 are accumulating House points eager to push forward.

There has been a House System at Simon Balle for many years. For a long time there were only five houses, named after local rivers, matched to the five forms in each year group. Interestingly students were not taught in form groups and six classes were formed of a mixed ability nature. This proved to be difficult for many reasons and so we created six forms, and a sixth house was formed – Rib House.

At the point when we successfully were accredited with Specialist School Status (Humanities, 2004) we balloted students to see if they would prefer to change the names of the Houses. Options included famous people and countries. However the Rivers remained – Ashbourne (this is the brook running near Ashbourne Gardens), Lea, Beane, Mimram, New and Rib.

House points

When a student is given a house point it will count towards their total and their House’s total. It is important to point out that any behaviour points that a student receives will reduce the total for them, their form, their year and their house. There are many types of house point that a student can be rewarded, both within and outside of the classroom, to enable it to be multi-faceted and inclusive. Please see the reward pyramid on the school website for more information. Students should see their subject teacher if there are any problems with house points appearing on the system.

What do students receive for getting house points?

Running alongside the reward pyramid are certificates that students will receive for collecting a certain number of house points – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Club and Diamond League. There will be an end of year formal award ceremony where students who have received the most house points will be automatically invited.

Where can I view my child’s rewards?

Please regularly check Go4schools with your child to see if any house points or behaviour points have been added.







Heads of House (SLT)

Rib                               I. Finch

Ashbourne                   Y. Adshead

Lea                              A. Grantham

Beane                          R. Klippel

New                             D. Brennan

Mimram                        L. Brown