At Simon Balle School we have a clear vision to provide the very best learning experience for all of our students. We have much to celebrate; our academic standards are high, students tell us they are very happy at school and many parents are keen to recommend the school to others.

Every day so much is happening which is worthy of note from subject lessons, trips and activities, to clubs and fixtures. Our website tries to capture and share this; it is our window for the outside world and images* of this great school are crucial if we are to publicise, communicate and celebrate our life in school.

What sort of images/photos do we take?

We only take positive images and these are closely vetted. We take pictures of what is happening in lessons which usually comprises of a group or class image. House plays and House sports, concerts, sports champions,   guest visitors and  activity trips all provide other opportunities for us to capture the learning and personal development that takes place at our school.

How do we use these images/photos?

We use them for displays within school. Visitors always praise us for our stimulating learning environment and the students themselves feedback just how much they enjoy looking at the range of activities which take place. The year 7 trip board is perhaps one of our most visited displays. This celebration of events can increasingly be seen on the website and occasionally we manage to get an article in a local newspaper.

In addition, we use images of students taking part in activities for promotional and publicity purposes.  Most schools have a paper or e- prospectus, which contain images of students.  Increasingly, short podcasts are also being used.

We know that most parents are happy with schools taking images and using them in this way. We are always very careful in what we take, how we use it and how we label photos.  The school has guidelines, user agreements and policies to ensure we fulfil our Data Protection and E-safety.  If you are happy with the above statements you do not need to take any further action. 

However, we understand that a small number of parents may not want their child to have their image taken or used in this way.   For those parents we therefore ask, if you do have concerns, to opt out by emailing Mrs Saunders.  It is the student’s responsibility to remove themselves from any photos being taken.


*Images may be photographic or filmed