Linguavision, the MFL Y7 singing competition, took place on last Tuesday.

The event, which was hosted by our Y12 language leaders, Alfie G and Liberty N, began with an outstanding performance by the MFL staff and the Y13 language leaders who sang “Avenir” by the French artist Louane. They were ably accompanied by Jessica M and Rose S, who displayed their impressive talents on the saxophone. This was followed by performances from each of the six Y7 forms, each form showcasing their singing prowess in French or Spanish and trying their very best to win the competition.  Some forms even went as far as masterminding a dance routine!

At the heart of the afternoon was the Y2 singing performance. They performed “la fruta”, a song about different types of fruits, without any words to guide them – a truly impressive feat! Their excellent pronunciation and intonation demonstrated what linguists and researchers have always stressed: languages are best learned at a younger age.

All students, including the Y2, were given the chance to vote for their favourite performance. Winners’ medals were awarded to:

  • 7N, for the best Spanish performance, with their song “Sofia” by Alvaro Soler and
  • 7A, for the best French act, with their performance of “Maman” by Louane.
  • Y2 students received MFL postcards thanking them for their participation and beautiful performance.

In order to participate in this event, students had to learn the lyrics of their respective songs by heart, led by their teachers. This was an opportunity for them to acquire new and challenging vocabulary as well as practise pronunciation. Congratulations to all the singers who took part in Linguavision and a big thank you to the staff and students involved in its organisation. They showed resilience, determination …. and a lot of enthusiasm!

Sofia song 7N from Simon Balle on Vimeo.

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