In February, a group of Y8 students had the opportunity to spend a few days in St Omer, a city full of history and culture which is located in the North of France. Thanks to this experience, students were able to reinforce their classroom-based learning through immersion in the culture and daily rhythms of French life.

Highlights of our trip included linguistic experiences such as town trails and market visits which provided target language-focused opportunities to practise speaking in French with native speakers and to test comprehension and reading skills in French. Students also experienced a range of exciting cultural visits and workshops, including a snail tasting workshop and visits to chocolate, sweet and biscuits producers. The most popular excursion proved to be our visit to Le Touquet and the aquarium Nausicaa, which is the largest European complex entirely devoted to marine life. Students particularly enjoyed watching sea lions practice their skills live and visiting the penguins!

The trip was such an enriching experience, both linguistically and culturally. For some students this was their first time in France, or even abroad, and it was a pleasure to watch them deepen their language skills and grow in confidence whilst interacting with the local people.