Last term a group of students in Y8 had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in Gránada, a city steeped in history and culture which is located in the south of Spain. Whilst there, the students attended daily lessons at a Spanish language school and were also able to see and explore all that the city had to offer.

Highlights of our trip included the breath-taking views of the Alhambra from the best viewpoint of the city and a visit to a cured ham factory to taste one of Spain’s most essential tapas ingredients. We also soaked up some Spanish sunshine on the idyllic coastline, admired the works of Spain’s most famous impressionist painter, Pablo Picasso and experienced authentic Flamenco first-hand, in the ancient caves of Sacromonte.

The trip was such an enriching experience, both linguistically and culturally. For some students this was their first time in Spain, or even abroad, and it was a pleasure to watch them deepen their language skills and grow in confidence whilst interacting with the local people. Their classroom Spanish truly came alive! Needless to say, some unforgettable memories we made during our stay en España!

Browse our Gránada photo gallery below. Warning: may cause feelings of jealousy!