On Thursday the primary teachers were relieved to wake up and see a glorious sunny day as we were taking part in Outdoor Classroom Day, a global campaign to celebrate and inspire outdoor learning and play. Outdoor learning not only improves children's health. It engages them with learning and leads to a real connection with nature, alongside developing critical life skills such as resilience, teamwork and creativity. 

Reception had an Ugly Bug Ball where they made caterpillar fruit kebabs, went orienteering and completed an Art Attack inspired big build. They also took part in a minibeast outdoor child initiated session which included bug hunting, digging in the new digging pit and completing chalk drawings of their minibeasts on the playground.
Year 1
Year 1 enjoyed writing all over the secondary playground in chalk. They were developing their Phonics writing real words and then alien words with the same sound adding digraphs and trigraphs. In the afternoon they were inspired by the work of the artist Carl Warner to create their own collages out of natural materials.

Year 2

Year 2 continued to develop their understanding of the Great Fire of London. They made Tudor houses out of twigs and then in the afternoon re-enacted the Great Fire and watched the houses burn on a fire created in the outdoor classroom. They also completed a Maths session on time around the trim trail.  

Year 3

Year 3 were completing expanded multiplication challenges on the playground and then drew inspiration from the outdoors to complete their adventure stories. 
As you can see from the photographs the students ere truly engaged in their learning and having lots of fun too. 

We are also working with Groundwork this term as part of the VegFest competition where primary schools in Hertford take part in a fruit and vegetable growing competition. 12 children from different year groups work with Tara from Groundwork and Ms Norbury to plant the seeds and cultivate our fruit and vegetables. Year 2  were busy today trying to work some green-fingered magic to help us win!