Our school has a clear vision and purpose. We believe that all children should be valued and accepted for who they are and what they bring to our community. We care for our students and expect them to achieve highly and flourish. Indeed there is no conflict in our approach; our students will receive the very best educational experiences but also learn how to treat everyone with dignity and respect, modelled by the adults and other students around them.

We teach our children to live well with each other and to understand the importance of community which is underpinned by a set of common values. These values are explored, shared and celebrated daily with our class teachers and also within formal assemblies.

Our classes in the Larch Centre for 2018- 2019 are:

Reception - Hedgehogs and Squirrels

Y1 - Rabbits and Badgers

Y2 - Foxes and Deer

Y3 - Wrens and Robins

Y4 - Kingfishers and Doves