The Simon Balle All-through School PE Vision

At Simon Balle All-through School, each student will discover and reach their sporting and academic potential through high quality teaching and learning, be it as a national performer or through recreational activities. They will be inspired, motivated and challenged through the delivery of a personalised curriculum thus becoming leaders, independent learners and creative thinkers. With the support of an enthusiastic and passionate staff the Simon Balle PE student will be given a variety of opportunities to excel in numerous sporting activities. Students will be able to apply their skills in different roles, as a performer, leader and official through Physical and Sports Education. The Simon Balle PE student will not give up even in adversity, thus displaying the resilience and determination to succeed.  They will understand how to live a healthy balanced active lifestyle and relish recreational opportunities, therefore becoming life-long participants.

With the support of the sports premium funding we will ensure all students have the opportunity to fulfill this vision and enhance participation in sport as well as make good progress across the PE curriculum. Over time, the professional development of staff ensures that the actions are implemented and are sustainable.

Please read the information below to find out how we plan to spend the sports premium funding and if you wish to find any additional information about the sports funding, please visit

Sport Premium Report 2018-2019