Primary Staff 2019/20

For class teaching staff, please see below. Please also refer to our all-through staff list where many of the staff also teach in the Primary.

Vice Principal: Mrs R. Kirk

Primary Receptionist: Mrs N. Harding

Primary class teacher (across year groups) Mrs K. Getley

Hedgehogs Miss J. Emery (class teacher)

Mrs P. Lafferty

Miss Z. Bradley

Squirrels Miss L. Hudson  (class teacher)

Miss E. Ponder

Mrs N. Harris

Badgers Miss M. Williams (class teacher)

Mrs R. Sansford

Rabbits: Miss K. Hesketh (class teacher)

Miss A. Mills 

Foxes Miss S. Pearce (class teacher)

Mrs L. Pettengell

Deer Miss M. Riddle (class teacher)

Mrs C. Ludlow 

Wrens Mrs E. Summerfield (class teacher)

Miss L. Norbury

Robins: Miss K. Boyce (class teacher)

Miss E. Potts

Mrs K. Pedder

Kingfishers Mrs R. Southall (class teacher)

Mrs J. Prendergast (class teacher)

Miss L. Deards

Doves Miss Ridley (class teacher)

Mrs S. Hawkins