Students at Simon Balle All-through school wear their uniform with pride. It is important that students, and their families, understand the consistent expectations we hold, in order that students can represent our school, whilst at Simon Balle, in our local community and when representing Simon Balle at a range of extra-curricular events. 

Please ensure all items of clothing are named. Lost property is held within our main reception (and in partnership with Busy Lizzie's at Simon Balle). Please just ask if something is missing.

Our uniform rules are as follows:


Logo Sweatshirt/Cardigan

Logo or Plain Polo Shirt

Tartan Skirt/Pinafore

Black Trousers (with black socks)

Bottle Green Tights or White or Bottle Green Socks

Bottle Green Hair Accessories

Black Leather or Patent Shoes

Summer/ Gingham Summer Dress (Green/White)

Summer/ Green Cap (Plain)

Summer/ Grey Shorts (with grey socks)

PE Kit

House Coloured PE T-shirt (please ask)

Black Shadow Stripe Shorts

Black Joggers

Logo Bottle Green Fleece

Logo PE Bag



  • Our high expectations are in place to ensure that students across the all-through are proud to belong to our community. We respectfully ask that the following are adhered to:

    • No hoodies
    • No large logos on coats or jackets
    • No jewellery except for one small pair of stud earrings
    • No make-up, false nails or nail polish
    • No form of facial piercing, including nose, eyebrow or tongue studs
    • Hair styles should be moderate - the following are not permitted: hair extensions, braiding or shape/lines shaved in the hair or eyebrows.  Hair should be one natural colour and the minimum length acceptable is a 'number 3'. No colourful or oversized accessories are allowed e.g. large flowers, bows, shaved heads
    • No contrasting socks please
    • No trainers to be worn as part of school uniform, except for PE
    • No boots to be worn as part of school uniform, except in severe weather
    • No body art, transfers, tattoos etc.

    These expectations apply not just in school but travelling to and from school. Our students are Simon Balle ambassadors at all times. We thank you for your anticipated support.