Thursday 29th March 2018

This Week

We have had a busy, but short week! On Monday we thought all about how and why Easter is celebrated, and talked about some rules for our trip to Paradise Wildlife Park.

The trip itself was a super day. Despite the rain and puddles the children (and adults!) had so much fun looking at all of the animals, and impressing everybody with all of the information we have learnt about animals this term. Please keep an eye on the front page of the school website to find out more about our great day.

On Wednesday the children enjoyed an “Upside Down Day”. After giving themselves new names, the children did their usual afternoon welly walk in the morning, then did some crazy mark making in the afternoon – upstairs! We also made special chocolate Easter nests, and thought about the birds who lay eggs at this time of year.

On Thursday we enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, then said a big “goodbye and good luck” to Daye, who we will miss when she moves to a new school in Australia!

You will notice we have taken in all the children’s reading books and words over the break. Please continue to read and explore books over the holidays, this could include the Spring reading challenge and visiting the library!

The children have all had a super term, have behaved wonderfully and have learnt so much. Please make sure you have a restful break ready for the summer term!

Half Term Diaries

The children love being able to show their half term news to the class, it is a great way for the children to share their adventures to their friends.

This can be done either through a diary or on Tapestry!

Next Term 

We will be thinking about Mini-beasts! We will be revisiting all of the sounds we have learnt to get the children prepared for Year 1!


Friday 23rd March 2018

This Week

We have been thinking about fish this week and having enjoyed reading The Rainbow Fish. This has prompted lots of discussions about what makes a good friend, perhaps you could talk about this at home too.

We have also been thinking about writing and reading instructions and the children all got to make a jam sandwich. Ask your child what steps they had to follow in order to make their sandwich as instructed.

In Maths we have been thinking about money, and the children have loved exploring the different coins and their values!

We enjoyed some special visitors on Tuesday, you might have seen the pictures and blog post on the front page of the website.  If not, please take a look!

On Friday it was Sport Relief and the children had great fun being active and raising money! In the morning they all ran a mile around the field and in the afternoon we did a Joe Wicks workout!

Next week

We are really looking forward to our trip next week to Paradise Wildlife Park. Please remember a NUT FREE packed lunch in a bag that can be thrown away. No plastic boxes that you want kept and brought home. Please also be aware of the weather on Tuesday morning and dress your children in school uniform with a warm, waterproof jacket with a hood.

On Wednesday we are having an ‘Upside Down Day’ where we will be doing things a bit differently to usual. We will be making some chocolate Easter treats in the afternoon, so please let us know if you do not wish your child to take part.

Please do not forget that on Thursday school finishes at 12noon. We will be having a school Easter egg hunt in the morning.

Tapestry Task

It has been lovely to see some of you exploring money on Tapestry this week. If you have not yet, perhaps you could give your child an opportunity to do so. For example, they could count the coins in their piggy bank, or help you with paying for some shopping.


Friday 16th March 2018

This Week 

This week we have been busy thinking all about amphibians. We have learnt about the life cycle of a frog and have enjoyed singing “10 Little Speckled Frogs”. This song linked nicely with our new maths focus this week which was subtraction.

We were also lucky to have Daniels Dad come to speak to us all about Germany, where he grew up. The children were excited to find out that some of their favourite things actually came from Germany too – including Haribo sweets and Playmobil!

On Friday we celebrated Science week by launching rockets that we had made into the sky, with the help of the secondary science staff.

Next Week

We will be thinking about money in Maths, so if you have a chance this weekend please begin to explore some coins at home. We will also be thinking about fish, and might even have some more special visitors!

Tapestry Task

We have been learning about subtraction by taking an amount away from a group, for example having 5 apples and taking 3 away to see how many we had left. We thought about how this would look written in a number sentence too.

Could you have a go at home? Perhaps you can use favourite toys or food?

Please complete your Paradise Wildlife Park permission slips and payments as soon as possible please – this can be done on Parent Pay. If you have any questions about this, please see us, or Mrs Harding.


Friday 9th March 2018

This Week

This week we have had a super week learning all about Reptiles! We have focused on the mixed up Chameleon and have been learning how to mix the colours red, blue and yellow to create new colours! We have also had a lot of fun creating our own mixed up animals, for example a bird body, snake head and elephant ears! The story prompted us to think about what makes us special, from having a spacial talent to a special family – this week has been full of celebrating ourselves!

On our Welly Wednesday we enjoyed a trip to the outdoor classroom where some Year 9 students taught us all about slow worms. The children then had the chance to make their own slow worm habitats which we will re-visit in a few weeks to see if we have any residents!

Thank you to those of you who were able to come to our DEAR morning on Friday, we are sure you will agree it is a lovely opportunity for your child to show you their classroom, and for you to share some learning with them.

The children have learnt the months of the year in Spanish, this has a lovely song which the children have enjoyed singing this week – perhaps they could sing it to you?

Next Week 

Next week we will be thinking about amphibians, so we will learn about the life cycle of a frog, floating and sinking, as well as many other exciting things. We look forward to seeing you all at parents evenings on Monday or Wednesday.

Tapestry Task  

This week we would like to see some mixed up Tapestries! Perhaps you could explore colour mixing with paints? Or draw/ make a collage of your very own mixed up animal!


Friday 2nd March 2018

This Week

What a strange week we have had! With superheroes, snow and some very special visitors, the children have had a lot to think about!

On Monday we enjoyed a visit from Daisy’s mummy, who taught us all about Australia, where she is from. We learnt about lots of different animals and traditions, as well as what the weather is like too. On Tuesday the children enjoyed a visit from Jacob’s daddy who brought in lots of animals and mini-beasts to teach us about – have a look at our blog post for more on that, and photographs!

On Wednesday the children were very excited to see some snow! We enjoyed a brief but fun Welly Walk, where the children had a great time writing their names in the snow and seeing if they could catch snowflakes!

Thursday saw the Squirrels and Hedgehogs transform into their favourite superheroes for the day, and we also enjoyed a visit from Miss Ponder’s tortoise, Harriet!

Next Week

We are going to be thinking about 3D shapes – perhaps you could have a look round your homes this weekend to see if you can begin thinking about how we have 3D shapes all around us.

We will be looking at the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts, and also learning all about reptiles too!

Tapestry Task

We have been thinking about comparing measures this week, including length and weight. Can you do some comparing at home too? Perhaps see who can build the tallest tower, or find our who is the tallest in your family. Or, you could think about weight through baking something yummy!


Friday 23rd February 2018

This Week

We have enjoyed hearing all about the children’s half term adventures! Thank you for the great Tapestry uploads and diaries.

We have enjoyed starting our new topic of Pets and Animals this week too. We have been exploring rhyming through the books “Oi dog”, “Oi frog” and “Oi cat” which the children love and find very funny. Look out for the “Oi Goat” book which is on sale in shops at the moment for £1 (or free with your World Book Day vouchers, which the children will take home next week).

In maths we have been thinking about data collection and different ways we can record information we find out. We have thought about tally charts, pictograms and sorting hoops and how they can be used to collect information.

On Monday we had our first PE lesson using the gymnastic equipment, the children had fun exploring balancing, crawling and jumping using the apparatus.

On Tuesday the children enjoyed a visit from Annie’s daddy who told us all about New Zealand, where he is from! Thank you for giving up some of your time to teach us lots of interesting information.

We are looking forward to having some more parent visitors next week to talk to us; please get in touch if you feel that you would like to come and talk to us about where you are from too!

Next Week

Next week we will be thinking about measuring and comparing weight and height in Maths. We are excited to welcome some more very special visitors on Tuesday too!

Don’t forget World Book Day on Thursday, with our Superheroes theme!

Tapestry Task

Can you think of a funny rhyming sentence? Perhaps you could write this down, draw a picture or make your sentence using objects. e.g a cat sitting on a mat or a frog on a dog!


Thursday 8th February 2018

This Week

What a busy week! We began the week by thinking about Chinese New Year, and the children have enjoyed retelling the traditional tale of the animals of the Chinese years. We have made our own masks and Chinese dragons too. On Monday afternoon the children were lucky to have Jacob Cox’s Mummy come in to do a Stretch-n-Grow session with us. The children loved the session – thank you for the super opportunity Mrs Cox!

On Tuesday it was our Safer Internet Day and the children spent the morning thinking about how they can stay safe online, or when they are using devices like tablets or mobile phones at home. Please have a chat with your child to reiterate this message. On Tuesday afternoon some instructors from Legends Tennis came for a tennis taster session. The children had great fun and were brilliant – please see the leaflets in book-bags for details about half term clubs or future sessions if you are interested.

On Wednesday we were lucky enough to have a visit from Summers Daddy, Stuart. Stuart is a dentist and taught all of the children how to make sure their teeth keep nice and healthy. Can you see what the children remember about how to look after their teeth and the job of a dentist? Thank you Stuart – what a great morning the children had! The children all brought home a timer to help them make sure they are brushing their teeth for long enough!

On Thursday we enjoyed our non-uniform day in aid of the Young Minds charity. Thank you for the donations.

After Half Term

When we come back to school our new topic is “Pets and Animals”. If you have a pet at home it would be great for the children to bring in a photograph to use in a display. As always, if you think you could offer something of interest for this topic please get in touch!

Please keep us updated with all of your adventures over half term on Tapestry, and we would love to see the children writing some half term diaries for us to look through as a class when we come back.

Have a lovely break!


Friday 2nd February 2018

This week 

This week we have had a great week thinking all about out “Our Town”. We enjoyed looking through the photographs on Tapestry to see your adventures – thank you for the uploads! The children have each made a building out of their boxes which we will enjoy using to enhance our learning next week.

On Thursday the other half of the children had their visit to the Fire station – it was a super experience and the children were a credit to the school with their great behaviour. We were told all about the importance of checking our smoke detectors – if you do not have one or need a replacement please get in contact with the fire station – 03001234046 or It is a free service. The firemen also highlighted the importance of the children knowing their address – perhaps this is something you can practice together at home.

Next Week

We will be thinking about Chinese New Year, and all of the traditions that come with it. We will also be thinking about Valentines day! We have a special visitor on Wednesday who is going to talk to us about their job, and some fun afternoons of sporting activities planned!

As it is the week before half term we may send your child home in their PE kit on Tuesday if we do not have time to change – these can be kept at home and washed ready for the new half term.

Don’t forget non-uniform day on Thursday which will be to raise money for Young Minds charity. Friday is INSET day so children are not in school.

Tapestry Task

We have been learning some digraphs this week – your child can explain what one of these is! Can you spot the digraphs “ng, qu, ai, ch, sh and th” in any words you see? Perhaps in your books or on signs. Happy sound spotting!

Can you help us?

Next week we are thinking about our families and Chinese New Year. We will be thinking about different cultures and traditions from around the world. We are aware that some of our parents come from a variety of places, and we would love to celebrate this with the children. Do you think you could help us by offering some of your time to talk about where you are from? This could be a story read in your first language, teaching us some new words or even just a chat. We would not except much of your time – even 10 minutes before the end of the day would be great.

If next week does not work for you then we would like to see you after half term too!

Also! Do you have any spare pin hammers that you do not need anymore that you could donate to help us develop a woodwork area.

Thank you in advance.


Friday 26th January 2018

This Week

We have had a very busy week thinking about firefighters, with half of the children enjoying a super morning visiting Hertford fire station on Thursday.

We had a soggy welly walk on Wednesday but the children loved finding puddles and streams of water to explore!

On Friday Isaac’s daddy come to visit us to talk about being a Postman, the children loved hearing about all of the jobs he does. Thank you Namik!

In Spanish the children have been learning the days of the week – can you see if they can remember these? Why not also practice some of the things they have learnt so far too?!

hola- hello

adios- goodbye

buenos dias- good morning

buenas tardes- good afternoon

In handwriting the children have been learning the letters l, u, t and i. Please refer to the cursive handwriting guide on the website and have a go at home!

Next Week

We are thinking about “Our Town” and what it has in it. We will be making some model buildings; please can each child bring in a box (cereal/shoe box size) on Monday.

Tapestry Task 

To fit in with our theme next week of “Our Town”, your tapestry task is to explore! How many different types of buildings can you see in your town? Can you find a church, post office, supermarket etc.?

Have a lovely weekend


Friday 19th January  2018

This week
This week we have been busy thinking about lots of different ways people can help us, and also how we can help ourselves! We have enjoyed visits from a police officer and a dietitian – please see the front page of the website for more on that, and lots of photos!
On our Welly Walk we went on a “Penny Walk”, where we had to choose a different way of moving for heads or tails and then move accordingly depending on how the penny landed!
On Thursday we thought about healthy eating and designed our own healthy meals. We were very impressed with the children’s super labelling, please continue to encourage writing at home too!

On Monday the school nurses visited us and took some of the children for some checks – you will have had a letter home if your child did so. As these are confidential, we do not know any of the results from the checks; if there is anything you think we should know or any questions please get in touch.

Next week
Next week we are thinking about Firefighters, and some of the children will be visiting Hertford Fire Station (with the other children visiting the following week). If you can help out on this visit please let us know – either on Thursday the 25th or Thursday the 1st Feb. We rely on parent helpers for trips like this to go ahead so please let us or Mrs Harding know if you think you can help out.

Tapestry Task

Thank you for all of the lovely uploads – it is great to see so much learning going on at home all the time.

As we have been thinking about being healthy this week, we thought it might be nice if your child could help you prepare a healthy meal or snack. Perhaps you could try a new fruit or vegetable too?


Have a lovely weekend



Friday 12th January 2018

This week

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas break, the children have been fantastic since coming back, long may it continue!

We have started our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’ and after making a book about the people who help us in school last week, we have now moved on to the police. The children have been making ‘wanted’ posters, gone on a detective search and made up disguises using different features. In maths they have been ordering numbers to 20 and filling in missing numbers. We also started thinking about adding two groups of objects and counting how many it equals altogether.

In PE we have started a new topic of ball skills and practised throwing overarm and underarm in the correct stance. On our Wednesday welly walk we decided to be helpful and do some litter picking with the litter pickers that Mr Tweed lent us!

Tapestry Task

After our session on addition this week we would like the children to find the total of two groups of objects. For the extra challenge, can they record their findings in a number sentence? E.g. 3+2=5

Next Week

As part of our topic, we will be learning about the roles doctors and nurses have in helping us, and we are lucky enough to have some special visitors coming to talk to us too!



Wednesday 20th December 2017

This Week

On Monday we enjoyed lots of Christmas crafts and had a great last PE lesson of the term.

On Tuesday we enjoyed our Christmas Dinner in the Secondary canteen, where the food was served by the older students and staff. It was decorated so nicely for us and the food was delicious!

Today we had our Christmas Party! The children all looked super in their festive jumpers and had lots of fun playing party games.

We have collected in reading books and reading records and sent PE kits home to be washed.

Thank you

We would like to say a big thank you to you all for your generous gifts, cards and well wishes this Christmas. Well done to all of the children for all their hard work this term, we are very proud of them and are looking forward to seeing how their learning will continue to develop next term.

Next Term

A reminder that term begins on Thursday 4th January 2017.

Our topic after Christmas is People Who Help Us. We will be learning about lots of different occupations. If you have anything which would help develop the children’s interests in this topic or work in a job that helps people (police, nurse, firefighter etc) and would like to come in to talk to the children then please let us know! Thank you.

We hope you all have a very happy Christmas!


Friday 15th December 2017

This week

What a busy week! We hope you all enjoyed your snow day on Monday, the children were all very excited to share stories of all of the exciting things they got up to!

Thank you all for your support with our wonderful Nativity play on Tuesday. I’m sure you’ll all agree it was quite the show and we are incredibly proud of all the children and the effort they put in.

We hope you like the photographs – a huge thank you to Mrs Martinez for her photography skills (

On Wednesday we took a walk to Hertford Theatre to watch the pantomime production of Rapunzel. The children loved the show and were wonderfully behaved both on the walk and in the theatre. It was a pleasure to take them and they made us teachers very proud.

Next Week

On Tuesday we will all be enjoying a special Christmas dinner in the secondary school!

On Wednesday the 20th it is our Christmas Party and Christmas jumper day! The children can come to school in their normal school uniform with a festive Christmas jumper instead of their school jumper or cardigan. For the Christmas party we would like the children to bring in a snack to enjoy during our party. This can be in the form of fruit, crisps, a chocolate etc. Remember we are a nut free school!

No book bags on this day please!

Next week we will be collecting the children’s reading books in and they will get a new one after Christmas. Please continue to read with your child over the holiday, this could be reading Christmas cards, dinner menus or visit the library to get some books for home.

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 8th December 2017

This Week

This week has been very exciting, which all started when we found Father Christmas’ sleigh in the playground on Monday morning. We spent the rest of the week trying to solve the mystery of where Santa had gone, and wrote lots of letters and made missing posters to help us find him. On Wednesday we went on our usual welly walk, and ended up finding lots of clues to help us get closer to solving the problem of the missing Father Christmas!

We have been working hard on our play preparations, and had a super dress rehearsal on Friday – the costumes all look super – thank you! We look forward to you enjoying the play on Tuesday.

We have been thinking about how we can be kind this week, thanks to our lovely Kindness Elves! Have you heard any compliments from the children as they have been very generous with them at school!

Next Week

In PE we will be practising our throwing and ball control.

On Wednesday we will be walking down to Hertford Theatre to see the pantomime production of Rapunzel, so we will be thinking a bit about the story on Monday.

I am sure we will have another surprise filled week again next week!

Tapestry Task 

The children have loved making cards and letters to the Elves and Father Christmas this week, and have been thinking about being kind. We thought it would be kind if the children wrote a card or letter to somebody who is special to them.

Thank you for all of the lovely uploads to Tapestry over the last few weeks- it is wonderful to see the great things that you are doing at home.

Have a lovely weekend!



Friday 1st December 2017

This Week

We have been very busy this week! We have spent lots of time practising our play – if your child has brought home lines please help learn them at home. Thank you to those who have already started to learn them, it shows! They have all enjoyed learning all of the songs too – perhaps they might sing you some!

We have been visited by some Kindness Elves today and the children have named them Krist and Robin-Tots. They will be watching the children to see what acts of kindness they are showing.

Our new value this week is thoughtfulness so please ask your child how they can show this both at home and at school.

On our Welly Walk this week we went exploring into Balls Park where we enjoyed walking through the different areas and looking at the houses. We were remembering to be respectful of the residents and tried to use quiet voices.

Tapestry Task

As we have been thinking about how we can be kind at school, can you show us how your child is kind at home too? Perhaps they could help with the washing up or tidy up their toys all by themselves!

Next Week

Next week we will continue to practice our play and we will be having our dress rehearsal too so please send your costumes in ASAP.

We will be starting to read the story of Rapunzel to prepare us for our pantomine trip the following week.

Don’t Forget the Frost Fair Tomorrow!

Have a nice weekend!


Thursday 23rd November 2017

This Week

We have had a fantastic week beginning to think about our Christmas play in more detail. The children have loved being given their parts and are doing really well learning the songs. We will be focusing on their lines more next week. If you have any questions about their costumes then please ask.

In our big maths the children learnt how to from the number 7, so now they should be able to show you how to form their numbers 1-7 correctly!

In our handwriting we have finished all the phase 2 sounds so we finished with ‘ll’ and ‘ss’ this week. We will not be moving on to Phase 3 just yet as we want to take a couple of weeks to review all that we have learnt so far.


Our Sixth Form link students Clara and Philippa came on our welly walk with us this week. The children had a wonderful time collecting different natural materials for their collage competition. They would like the children to create a collage picture using the leaves etc they brought home from school yesterday. Please make sure all their NAMED entries are sent back to school by Wednesday 29th November so they can be judged by the Sixth Formers. The winners should be announced during next Friday’s assembly.

Tapestry Task

This week lots of the children have been making maps of their journey to school. We would like you to make a map of a journey you make. It doesn’t need to be far but think about the things that you see on the journey. We would love to see you out and about, following your maps!

Next Week

Enjoy your long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday next week. We will continue rehearsing our play next week as well as learning the story of Christmas and the birth of Jesus. We will be making a whole class advent calendar whilst learning about what we are counting down to.

Have a nice long weekend!


Friday 17th November 2017

This Week

This week we have had a fantastic book week and really enjoyed meeting the author Alice Hemming. The children loved listening to her story ‘Bibble and the Bubbles’ and then thought of what they would do with a magic bubble that doesn’t burst. They came up with some very imaginative ideas of a pony, a bicycle and even flowers! We have loved sharing the children’s favourite books and hear all about why they like the characters. On Monday we explored the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ in detail and all went off on a bear hunt adventure of our own. This has inspired lots of story telling in child initiated learning and got our book week off to a great start!

On our Welly Wednesday Walk we went into Balls Park and played some team games in the big open space.

Over the last two weeks we have learnt the sounds ‘e, u, r, h, b,f, ff, l’ . The children are doing really well with their segmenting and blending and its been lovely to see things fall into place and the children want to read more, please keep encouraging this at home.

Next Week

Next week is a short week as we will not be in school on Friday! We will be introducing the children to the Christmas play and beginning rehearsals. Please look out for your child’s part and what costume they will need, when we send the slips out next week.

Welly Wednesday

Our link students from the Sixth Formers are Year 13’s Clara and Philippa. They have devised a competition for the Reception children to participate in, which we know will be a huge success as was the Year 2 pumpkin carving competition. They would like the children to create a collage using natural resources. On Wednesday the children will collect their resources during our Welly Walk which Clara and Philippa will be joining us on. The children will then bring home their items to make their collage with you at home. Please send your child to school on Wednesday with a named small bag in which they can collect their items. and they will have information about the competition introduced to them next week.

Tapestry Task

We have been thinking a lot about number this week. Can your child choose a number between 1-10 and think about all of the different ways they can represent it? This could be through making marks e.g. drawing lines, circles, smiley faces. Or they could collect objects to show their number e.g. bottle tops, leaves or toys.

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 10th November 2017

This Week

On Monday we listened to the story behind Diwali, as we are thinking about different festivals and celebrations this term. This prompted lots of lovely learning, including making Diwali cards, lanterns and even our own clay Diva lamps. The children have enjoyed learning about Rama and Sita and all of the Hindu traditions about Diwali.

On our Welly Walk we had fun exploring Balls Park, and we were very impressed by the size of some of the trees we saw!

On Thursday we had a busy afternoon, with a visit to the library, handwriting with Mrs Oakenfull and a play on the Trim Trail. We also did Big Maths, which is where we practice our numbers. Can you have a go at home too? So far we have been thinking about how to form the numbers 1-5.

On Friday we had some reflection time to think about Remembrance Sunday, and talked with the children about why people wear poppies at this time of year.

Next Week

Next week it is book week, and we have lots of super activities planned, including our author Visit! Can your child please bring in a favourite book of theirs next week, so we can share these with the class. They may be at school for a while, as it may take a while to read them all! Please remember to name your books.

On Tuesday and Thursday after school there will be a bookshop in the Larch Building – feel free to come along and buy some lovely books.

Remember that Friday is non-uniform day to support Children In Need.

Tapestry Task

To celebrate Book Week, we thought that for the Tapestry Task it would be nice to see some photographs or videos of your child sharing a book with somebody – perhaps you could think of an unusual place to read a book too!

Can you help?

Do you have any old magazines that would be appropriate for the children to use for collage making? For example wildlife magazines, old shopping catalogues or food magazines. Thank you in advance!

Friday 3rd November 2017

This Week

This we have had a great week back after a lovely half term. Thank you to those who helped your children with their half term diaries and tapestry journals. We have loved looking through these and will continue to do so, don’t worry if you haven’t uploaded yours yet!

On Tuesday we had a fantastic Volcano Day and really enjoyed going to see the Year Eights models. It was interesting to learn about the volcanoes and see the imaginative range of models, cakes and drawings. Please see the Tapestry post for more pictures!

On Wednesday we had a wonderful bonfire and hot chocolate drink during our Welly Walk with Mrs Miller. Please see the school website front page to hear all about it.

On Wednesday the Squirrels and Hedgehogs had a fun time during their lunchbreak playing lots of games with Mr Greene who has come to coach the children and teach them to play different games together.

In Maths this week we have been learning to find one more or one less than a given number. We have been looking at 100 squares and noticing patterns in numbers.

In Phonics this week we have learnt c, k, and ck, which although they all look different, they all make the same sound and have the same action!

We have also been thinking about bonfire night this week and have been discussing ways to keep safe around bonfires and fireworks. We hope you enjoy the fireworks, ask the children what to do to stay safe!

Next Week

Although it has already been celebrated this year, we will be learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali next week. We will also be thinking about Remembrance Sunday and why we wear poppies at this time of year.

Can you help us?

Do you have of the following at home that you would not mind donating to us in Reception? We need old newspapers for art and craft and any spare writing materials that you no longer need e.g. envelopes, cards, notebooks etc.

Parent Conversations

We are very much looking forward to seeing you all for the ‘settling in’ conversations next week. Please arrive shortly before your appointment to look at their books and remember your appointment time is 10 minutes. This is an appointment for you to discuss your child with us so please make alternative childcare arrangements for them during your appointment.


Our new value is Patience and we have been thinking about being more patient in school. How can you show patience?

Tapestry Task

We would like the children to go on a 2D shape hunt this week for their Tapestry task. Can you find shapes in the environment or at home? Can you use objects to make your own shapes?

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 20th October 2017

This Week

On Monday, as part of our Healthy Heart Day, we thought about what our hearts need to keep healthy, for example a good diet and exercise. We also thought about how to fill our hearts with love and happiness – we had a lot of laughs discussing our favourite jokes!

On Tuesday the children enjoyed learning some new Spanish words with Mrs Southall, can you ask your child to tell you their name in Spanish?

We also had our Welly Walk on Tuesday, where we collected lots of lovely Autumn leaves to create some autumn collages on Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday, Safeguarding lead for Simon Balle, Mr Brown, held an assembly for the children all about how to be happy and safe at school and at home.

We finished our first half term at school by thinking about all that we have learnt so far.

This week in phonics we have learnt the sounds m, d, g, o. The children have been beginning to apply the sounds they have learnt so far by saying and writing simple CVC words such as sit, mat, pin, pig etc. Perhaps you could try some of these at home?

After Half Term

We will be beginning our new topic of Festivals and Celebrations. We will start by thinking about Bonfire Night and Diwali.

Tapestry Task/ Half Term Diary

The children are always so excited to share what adventures they have been on during half term, so we thought it would be nice for the children to make a half term diary. This can be in the form of a scrap book – perhaps you could keep tickets or photographs of things you have been doing. Alternatively you could upload some photographs to Tapestry for the children to share with the class.

During the half term could you please continue to encourage name writing and counting.

Have a lovely and relaxing half term!


Friday 13th October 2017

This Week

This week the children had a wonderful visit to Hertford library on Tuesday. They had a lovely time walking there and back. Whilst they were in library they all got to experience checking out a book and then David the librarian read them a story! The children were very excited to find the library was closed to the public so they were free to explore to their hearts desire!

We have been exploring our senses and had a wonderful welly walk where we found objects with different textures and were describing how they felt. We sat in a circle and took turns smelling different herbs and spices and then had a class vote on which one was our favourite. We also went on a listening walk around school and discussed what we could hear, from children’s voices to footsteps and Mrs Oakenfull typing on her computer!

This week in phonics we have learnt the sounds ‘t, p, i, n’ so please ask the children to sing you their songs and see if you can do some sound spotting of objects with these initial sounds.

We have also been learning how to form our numbers correctly, focusing particularly on the number 2 this week.

Next week

Next week we are going to be thinking all about signs of Autumn. We will be making Autumn collages and thinking about how things change throughout the the year.

Also, on Monday it is our Healthy Heart day, so we will be thinking about all of the ways we can keep our hearts and bodies nice and healthy.

Tapestry Task

This week we would like the children to see what numbers they can spot out and about. For example on number plates, signs, front doors etc. Perhaps your child could have a go at writing the numbers they see too!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 6th October 2017

This Week 

We have had a really exciting and busy week this week. The children have enjoyed learning all about Harvest, and impressed us all with their super singing and listening in the church service on Tuesday. The children all walked so sensibly down to church – thank you to the parents who walked with us, we appreciate your help. The children have all been learning about where some of our food comes from this week, which prompted our day of bread making on Wednesday. The children loved having a go at mixing and rolling the dough into balls, before Lisa kindly cooked them for us which made the school smell wonderful!

During our Welly Walk we focused on name writing, the children all had a really good go and enjoyed using sticks to write their names in the mud. Please continue to practise name writing at home too.

This week we have started learning some of our sounds, so far we have learnt s and a. Please ask your children if they can show you the songs and actions, and if they can think of any words beginning with the sounds.

Next Week 

Next week we will be continuing to learn more sounds, including t,p,i and n.

On Tuesday we will be walking down to Hertford Library for the morning, please make sure all children have coats if it is cold.

We will be thinking about our senses next week as part of our All About Me topic, and will be exploring each of our 5 senses throughout the week.

Tapestry Task

Thank you to those of you who have uploaded some of your examples of home learning, we really enjoy looking through them and talking to your children about them at school.

This week we would like to see how creatively your child can write their name. Perhaps in the mud like we did on our Welly Walk, or with their food or toys!  Please upload your photographs to Tapestry along with a short description if possible.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 29th September 2017

This Week 

We started our week in style, when the Hedgehogs and Squirrels all came to school dressed in their best European themed outfits for our Fun Run. All of the children had a great day and we were really impressed with their great running and fantastic cheering on of their class mates!

On Wednesday the children enjoyed our Welly Wednesday walk, where we had fun making self portraits out of things we found on our walk, like leaves and sticks.

On Thursday we got into the Christmas spirit and made our Christmas cards! If you would like to order some please fill in the relevant details on the back of the children’s design and return as soon as possible (deadline for payment is Friday).

Thank you to those of you who attended the phonics and reading sessions on Thursday. We hope you found them very informative. Any questions please feel free to email or ask for further clarification.

Next Week 

Next Week we are looking forward to our Harvest Festival. It would be great to see you all at All Saints Church on Tuesday morning where you will hear the song we have been busy practising, don’t forget your harvest contribution for the Hertford food bank.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 22nd September 2017

This Week

This week we have had a wonderful time looking at ourselves in more depth. We started by looking at our baby photos and have been having lots of fun looking at how much we’ve grown and changed. We then started to think about how we look now and the children have all painted a self portrait. It was interesting to watch the children chose a skin tone and then the correct colours for their features after they had looked in a mirror. We then had great fun looking at the portraits and guessing who it was!

We have also continued learning about 2D shapes and on our welly walk this week the children had to collect two sticks which they then used to make a shape in groups. We had some fantastic squares, rectangles and then we even made a huge circle with all our sticks put together!

Reading Books

Thank you to everyone who has been sharing their reading book with their child. Please remember to comment in the orange reading record once you have read so we know you have looked at the book with your child and we can give them a new one. Your child will have also brought home their new library book. This is always the one with the stamp in the front. This is to be shared with your child but there is no expectation that your child should read that one independently.

Next Week

Don’t forget Monday is our INSET day so we won’t be seeing the children until Tuesday, when they will be coming to school dressed in the style of a European country ready for our Fun Run in the afternoon.

We are looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday at either 2.30pm or 7pm for our Tapestry and Phonics workshop. It is important that you attend one of these sessions as you will be finding out vital information about your child’s year ahead.

We are also having a non-uniform day on Friday so uniform need only be worn on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

Have a lovely long weekend.

Friday 15th September 2017

This week 

What a great week we have had! The children have all impressed us with how well they have settled in to our first full week of school.

On Monday we had a PE lesson, where we enjoyed learning some new games. On Tuesday the children had their first Music lesson with Mrs Iles and they loved learning some songs to greet people and say goodbye, they also enjoyed their first Spanish lesson with Mrs Southall! On Wednesday the children all looked super in their Dahlicious Day costumes. It was great hearing the children telling each other which character they were dressed as, and we had lots of fun thinking about the Enormous Crocodile, which has been our focus book this week. On Wednesday afternoon we went on our Welly Walk, where the children enjoyed finding leaves and conkers that had blown off the trees in all of the wind. On Thursday the children had their first trip to the Library (please make sure books are in bags next Thursday so they can be changed), as well as having a go on the Trim Trail. If you have not sent in trainers yet please do so as soon as possible, your child will not be able to go on the trim train without them.

This week we have also sent out reading books, have fun looking through these with your child and don’t forget to write a comment in their reading records. They will be changed at some point next week if you have read at home.

Thank you to those of you who attended the information evening, the slides will be available on the website for future reference if needed.

Next Week

Next week we will continue with our topic of “All About Me”, please can your child bring in a baby picture of themselves for our circle time. We will also be thinking about the 2D shapes we know, and seeing if we can spot them in our environment. We will also be painting a self portrait so we will be talking to the children about using appropriate colours and thinking about our facial features.

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 8th September 2017

This Week

The children have had a super first week at Simon Balle! They have all settled well and are starting to make some lovely new friendships already! We have had a busy week learning lots of new routines and expectations. On Wednesday afternoon we had our first Welly Walk through the school woods which the children loved. Today we had our first values assembly where we thought about our value of the week ‘Respect’ and one child from each class was awarded a certificate. We also had our first Golden Time where the children are awarded for their super behaviour and reaching the sunshine. We have started to share the children’s treasure boxes which will be brought home once your child has told their class about their box. Thank you for all the hard work you have put into them over the summer, they have been lovely to look at so far!

The children seem to be enjoying their school dinners and are beginning to try new food. Please continue to encourage your child to use a knife and fork at home!

If you have not sent in a named pair of welly boots then please do as soon as possible so they can participate in our weekly welly walks.

Next Week

We have another busy week ahead of us, where we will be starting our daily phonics sessions. We will start by thinking about the sounds that the children know already and what sounds we can hear in our environment. On Monday we have our first PE session which we are very much looking forward to!

We look forward to seeing all of you at our Parents Information Evening on Monday night at 7pm. It is vital you attend this event as you will be finding out key information about the year ahead and the expectations we have for the children in Reception.

Don’t forget Wednesday is our Dahlicious Day to celebrate Roald Dahl’s birthday. Remember the children can come to school in a Roald Dahl character costume or wearing yellow (his favourite colour) with a £1 donation.

Learning Journals

Please can we have your child’s Learning Journal from their Nursery setting. We would like to keep them for a couple of weeks so the children can share their previous learning with us.