Over the past few weeks our students have been hearing in assembly how our fundraising efforts over the year have positively impacted on the lives of the students at our sister school. With the money we raised we have been able to supply a new water pump which pipes clean drinking water directly into Samba Njabeh school for the first time in its history.

Last week we were delighted to receive a wonderful package full to the brim of handwritten thank you letters from our sister school students. Mamadou, one of the students, summed up his appreciation, writing, “Thank you very much for providing our school with clean drinking water. Now we are not going outside to fetch it”.

Margaret, who helped us to establish our sister school link, was lucky enough to be able to attend the turning on of the tap. She tells us, “there was great excitement with some children even pouring it over their heads! It was a great day. In England we take clean water for granted.”

You can see copies two of the letters we were sent via the links below as well as a few of the photos.

Keep your eyes peeled for further fundraising events. We are so proud of the charitable ethos within the SBAS community – what a fantastic outcome!

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