SBAS Student Parliament

Simon Balle Student Parliament 2016

The value a parliament structure brings to the school as a form of student voice is immeasurable. However, like many items in education, it must be consistent and used effectively to serve its purpose.

The role of our parliament fits well with our vision. We want students to be able to have ownership and make informed decisions as valued citizens of our community. Parliament is an opportunity for every student to contribute to school life expressing values such as honesty, integrity, openness and social responsibility. Through this process we will expect to see students demonstrate self-help and self-responsibility, equality and a common purpose regarding understanding the needs of our community.

The purpose of the 2016 model outlined below is to set a foundation of our values into parliament to enable it to serve its purpose of creating both vocational and academic opportunities through student voice.

Each half term…

By week 2:

Form tutors have facilitated a discussion with their tutees during lesson 5. One KS3 student from each form is nominated to sit on the LSC (Lower School Council) and the same for KS4/5 for the USC (Upper School Council). IF/SSLT will email dates of these councils and will need tutors to pass the information onto the students.

By week 3:

USC and LSC have taken place. These are led by SSLT KS3/4 ambassadors. One HOY will facilitate on a rota basis. Councils decide on objectives to pass onto parliament.  6 students from each council are nominated to attend parliament and SSLT/prefects create the objective proposal on relevant paperwork to hand to parliament (example objective attached)

By week 4:

Parliament occurs during a lunch and lesson 5 and comprised of 14 members

(6 x LSC and 8 x USC)

It is chaired by SSLT with parliament responsibility with KS4 Prefects to attend to scribe minutes. The objectives received by SSLT from LSC and USC are debated. Parliament will vote to pass or dismiss any objectives and any passed objectives will then be carried out by SSLT and Prefects. Parliament will be held in the Larch Centre and refreshments will be provided. The aim is to decide on all 6 objectives and a member of SLT and Head Boy/Girl must attend.

Once a term, the Reception and Y1 students will be invited to attend the opening 20 minutes to discuss their learning.

By week 6:

SSLT and prefects delegate responsibilities to carry out any objectives. A PPR (Parliament progress report) is provided for SLT every cycle to look at on-going issues. This is presented by SSLT and will be for 10-15mins on a Thursday morning.


The cycle then begins again with different students attending the councils. Parliament notice board is updated with relevant information about all objectives discussed.


Parliament Structure 201617