We at Simon Balle know that a good education is one of the most important things that can make a difference to a person’s life. Teachers and other staff who work in our school will, every day, have an impact upon the lives of so many young people. We have a clear set of values and expectations that everyone must subscribe to, for only then will the vision of the “Simon Balle Student” become the reality, which drives everything we do.

Staff value each student for who they are and what they bring to our community. We will always go the extra mile to support and encourage everyone, treating them with dignity and encouraging mutual respect.

We want all of our students to achieve their very best; we will set challenging but realistic targets and provide academic support to ensure students achieve these.

We will provide the very best teaching and learning. We are a professional learning community and want to continuously improve. We will do so by sharing best practice, reading and acting upon educational research and working with other professionals. We will be enthusiastic about our subjects and act as role models to each other and our students.

This is a great place to work and learn. It is not easy, as second best has no place in our vocabulary and everyone must pull together as a team. It is a highly creative, democratic environment which promotes honesty, dedication, hard work, respect and self-evaluation.

We are committed 100% to our school and its community. This is a place where amazing things happen; where we are:-

‘creating tomorrow’s citizens today’