Curriculum Statement

At Simon Balle All-through School, our vision and values drive our curriculum. We therefore want all of our students to be: 


“A young person who, when they leave school, will have gained a first class educational experience. Our students will have learnt to be resourceful and resilient, and able to accept others for who they are. They will be happy people, creative in their thinking, respectful and responsible in their actions. Having achieved the highest possible academic outcomes alongside developing positive character virtues, they will confidently be able to to go out into the world with the skills, attributes and behaviours to be active global citizens.”

In order to achieve this, every young person, whilst at Simon Balle All through School, will be educated in and be part of a community which daily promotes its values and vision.

 We want all of our students to be educated:


In knowledge, skills and wisdom

To have high aspirations and be hopeful

To understand how to live well within a community

To treat everyone with dignity and respect


Underpinning this are the core values of respect, kindness, honesty, as well as the virtues of resilience, perseverance and wisdom.

As global citizens, our students need to be able to understand time and place and their identity and role in contributing to the local, national and global communities. Our curriculum must equip them to do so. 

Therefore, we have a coherent rationale and understanding about what we teach and when and why we teach it, ensuring that there is:


  • An inclusive and challenging curriculum designed to inspire curiosity and build subject mastery, including the skills of literacy, numeracy and oracy.
  • A progressive and sequential curriculum designed to develop a depth of knowledge. The integrity of each subject is respected with key vocabulary being explicitly taught.
  • An interwoven, rich curriculum that is designed to support students’ retention and retrieval of knowledge

We are currently undergoing a thorough and in depth curriculum review. We are asking every academic subject to think deeply about their unique subject and the key knowledge and skills that need to be taught. Using the National Curriculum as out starting point along with recent educational research, over the next two years we will be designing and implementing a curriculum for all of our students which will lead to an enriched provision. As an All through School we must ensure that our principles (see above) are embedded from reception (EYFS) to Year 13.

Key Stage 3

Students study the following subjects - English, Maths, Science, Art, Drama, MFL, Geography, History, ICT, Music, Physical Education, Philosophy, Religion & Ethics, Technology and Values.

Technology comprises of Food Technology, Design and Textiles.

Modern Foreign Languages - Year 8 students have the opportunity to study a language which may be Spanish or French.

Maths – students are set from Key Stage 2 data at the start of Year 7.

Other subjects utilise some setting once students reach Year 9.

Year 9 Pathways Booklet 2019

Year 9 Preferences Evening Presentation 2019

Key Stage 4

Students study a core curriculum made up of English, Maths, Science (some students will be studying the three separate sciences of Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Core RE, PE, ICT.

They will also make four further options from the subjects they have studied at Key Stage 3 or new additional subjects. Please refer to our pathways booklet for further information.

As before, we will always adapt and personalise the curriculum according the individual or groups within the cohort.

Key Stage 5

Please refer to the curriculum section of our Sixth Form webpage.