In order to deliver  holistic education, which puts great emphasis upon personal growth and development, we follow a year group structure. Each cohort is overseen by a Head of Year, who follow the year group as they move towards the senior sections of the school. We believe that this is important as the HoY knows each child individually and can plan accurately for both their academic and personal development progress. Also, parents really appreciate the fact that they get to work with a key individual within the school management structure.

The tutor group is therefore important. The form tutor also follows the child through. They work very closely with their form and there are planned activities each day during period 5 including discussions about news, PHSEE (personal, health, social, economic education lessons), reading opportunities and monitoring progress.

Below is a list of all the form groups for 2018-19:

Year 7 (Year Leader - Emily Robinson)

7A - Bunyami Gunduz    

7B - Andy Hay  Vicky Davis

7L- David Brinicombe

7M - Chris Townsend

7N - Katherine Whitby

7R - Kirsty Mayo

Year 8 (Year Leader - Jo Green)

8A - Ryan Norcross

8B - Jimmy Nicolson

8L - Elise Nwahba     Jane Johnston

8M - Jack Andrews

8N - Laura Armani     Lisa Slade

8R - David Kelleway

Year 9 (Year Leader - Graham Davies)

9A -  Will Poley

9B - Helen Rhodes     Amelia Fuente

9L - Rebecca Fish

9M - Charlotte Stuart 

9N - Katie Ansell

9R - Daisy Coulbeck

Year 10 (Year Leader - Lucy Owen)

10A - Claire Young  

10B - David Ayres     Carolyn Kelleway

10L - Kevin Belsey

10M - Janice Mayo     Laura Cooke

10N - Daire Brennan     Katie Hill

10R - Lauren Davison

Year 11 (Year Leader - Hannah Ahmet)

11A - Sophie Wigmore  Ryan Cheale

11B - Tom Joyce

11L - Nancy Iles

11M - Steve Preshous     Sarah Pope

11N - Amy Wootton

11R- Steve Mcgovern     Jenny Mcgovern

Head of Sixth Form – Ed Coy

Assistant Head of Sixth Form - Suzy Matuszak

Learning Centre Manager - Russell Ford

Ashbourne a - Louise Lucas     Amanda Mccarthy

Ashbourne b - Chris Trueman

Beane a - Gareth Jones     Jackie Moss

Beane b - Carolyn Selby

Lea a -  Katherine Elliott     Andrea Robins

Lea b - Charlotte Ayres     Jenny Townsend

Mimram a - Phil Whitby

Mimram b - Sophie Wren

New a - Jo Preistnall

New b - Fiona Johnston     Anna Palmer

Rib a - Matt Allred   Mark Taylor

Rib b - Helen Witty