Simon Balle All Through School prides itself on its outstanding levels of pastoral care that we offer to all of our students. Our aim is to create an ethos and an environment where each student can be happy, succeed and thrive in every aspect of their education alongside flourishing as an individual and as a good citizen.

Our vision of a society where all people feel included, are respected and treated with dignity, live well with each other and have the necessary knowledge, skills and wisdom in order to flourish, is at the heart of the Simon Balle community.


Student procedures have been developed to ensure that all children, regardless of their age or ability can fulfil their potential and develop good positive attitudes. We believe that no one can flourish when worried or unhappy. Therefore we aim to create a calm, well ordered caring environment where learning takes place and everyone feels valued for who they are.

despite the large size of the school, pupils are known as individuals. The Head of Year and Head of Subject liaised very well with each other to promote the development of the child.”

(Ofsted- May 2018)

The Form Tutors (years 7-13) and the class teacher (Reception to Y6) ensure that the child is well cared for. Indeed they are the key point of contact for the parents.

Below is a list of all the form groups for 2019-20:

Year 7 (Year Leader - Helen Rhodes)

7A - Katherine Whitby    

7B - Ben Moses

7L- Nancy Isles

7M - Matt Moloney

7N - David Brinicombe

7R - Ellie Newman

Year 8 (Year Leader - Tom Joyce)

8A - Bunyami Gunduz

8B - Andy Hay     Tina Turner

8L - Joe Wells    Vicky Davis

8M - Chris Townsend

8N - Brad East

8R - Kirsty Mayo

Year 9 (Year Leader - Jo Green)

9A -  Chris Trueman

9B - Jimmy Nicolson

9L - Elise Nwahba     Jane Johnston

9M - Jack Andrews 

9N - Katherine Jones     Lisa Slade

9R - David Kelleway

Year 10 (Year Leader - Graham Davies)

10A - Will Poley  

10B - Amy Wootton

10L - Rebecca Lunn

10M - Charlotte Stuart

10N - Katie Ansell

10R - Steve McGovern     Michelle Nelson

Year 11 (Year Leader - Lucy Owen)

11A - Rebecca Scarrott 

11B - Jenny McGovern

11L - Kevin Belsey

11M - Janice Mayo    Monty Fish

11N - Daire Brennan

11R- Steve Preshous

Year 12/13 Leader - Ben Morris
                                - David Ayres 
Assistant Year 12/13 Leader - Suzy Matuszak

Learning Centre Manager - Russell Ford


12/13G - Andrea Robins    Ryan Cheale

12/13H - Gareth Jones     Beth Freeth

12/13J - Katherine Elliott    Jackie Moss

12/13K - Phil Whitby

12/13S -  Fiona Johnston    Anna Palmer

12/13T - Carolyn Selby

12/13U - Amanda McCarthy     Joanne Rowland

12/13V - Charlotte Ayres

12/13W - Jo Priestnall     Matt Allred