A high standard of personal appearance is expected at all times.  Students must wear correct uniform.  Please ensure all items of clothing are named.

Lost property should be handed in at or collected from Reception.  All lost property will be disposed of during main school holidays so please check regularly if you have lost anything.

Uniform Sales


Monday 17th July  2017                 Stevensons (uniform supplier) in 3pm—7pm

Tuesday 18th July  2017                 Stevensons in 3pm—6pm

‘Pre-loved’ uniform

The PSA sells pre-loved uniform at each parents evening (Y7-11) in the foyer of the sixth form block.

They will also be holding a sale on Thursday 13th July 2017 from 3pm until 4pm in the sixth form block following the Y6 transition day.

If you have uniform needs outside of this time please email psa@simonballepsa.org.uk


Our uniform rules are as follows –


Shirt and ties – Ties to be worn up the collar with the school logo showing. Shirts must be neatly tucked in.

Jumpers – Jumpers must be worn, but if it is warm in class they may be removed

Shoes – Black leather



Skirts/Trousers – We have made a change to our school skirts.  From September 2014  girls will wear either tartan kilt or black trousers. Kilts should be knee length or just above the knee. School skirts can be bought from Stevensons in varying lengths (eg 18” 20” etc) to ensure correct fit.

Tights/socks – Plain black tights or under the knee black socks. Over the knee socks or socks with embellishments (eg ribbons) are not acceptable

Shoes – Black fitted shoes. They should have a small heel and support the foot. Pumps are not suitable school footwear

Makeup – Make up and nail varnish should not be visible

Jewellery –  One pair of plain stud earings. Rings and bracelets should not be worn unless it is a medical bracelet



Hoodies should never be worn to school

No large logos on coats or jackets

No boots (except in severe weather)

Haircuts must be sensible, for example no shaved or patterned haircuts. Hair colour must be natural.

The rules apply not  just in school but travelling to and from school. Our students are Simon Balle Ambassadors at all times.