Research clearly shows that the quality of leadership is one of the key factors in what makes a school outstanding.  Leadership at Simon Balle is not about authority and power; it is about service and responsibility.  We expect all leaders to model those effective characteristics identified by research – daily living out the Simon Balle vision and values

  • be vigilant and visible
  • have courage and conviction
  • demonstrate drive and determination
  • have a deep belief in people
  • be optimistic and problem solvers
  • let nothing slip; have a predisposition to immediate action
  • be consistent and fair
  • be an active role model, living out the teachers’ professional standards.

Middle leaders have a key role to play “Middle leaders (in outstanding schools) are often a significant strength & have a strong sense of accountability for the progress of all students.”

At Simon Balle our leadership structure is based on Heads of Department (HoD) and Heads of Year (HoY). They are all line managed by and accountable to members of SLT.

Leadership development and spotting leadership potential are taken seriously at Simon Balle.  We run an annual leadership development course in conjunction with an external consultant (NCSL) trained and work alongside other local schools.  Many of our staff have welcomed the internal opportunities on offer and whilst for some they have been able to fulfill their professional ambitions within Simon Balle, others have been successful in gaining promoted roles in other secondary schools.