Please see below the information powerpoint which was shared with Year 1 parents Autumn 2017

Year 1 Information 2017-18


Most of us read without even thinking about it. It’s a skill we take for granted, yet one that is essential for being able to get on in life. As a child grows up, being able to read well not only enables them to discover new facts and to learn at school, but also opens them up to a world of new ideas, stories and opportunities.

Children’s early language skills can have a major impact on the development of their literacy skills during primary school, and their ability to read well by the age of 11 – and this relationship starts very early in a child’s life. A child’s language skills at the age of two have a strong influence on their school readiness at the age of five, and this can continue to affect how children get on at school as they grow up.

As the children move through the reading milestones they should secure their understanding of the text. This can be supported by the listener through asking questions. Please see the progressive questioning techniques in the presentation below or click on this link to view a pdf version Questions when reading



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