Year 1 Weekly News

Friday 13th July 2018

This week we have been making “Memory Books” of our time in year 1. It has been so lovely to celebrate our successes and talk about the different memories of the year.

We looked at photos from the beginning of the year and compared them to now – lots of gappy grins!

We made stained glass biscuits on Wednesday with Mrs Saunders. Ask your children to tell you about the instructions we had to follow and the ingredients we used.

It has been lovely to share your child’s successes and progress in parent conversations this week – thank you for coming along. The children have had an amazing year and have lots to be proud of.

Well done to Seraphina P and Jessica D who were given the Year 1 Student of the Year award on Thursday evening at All Saints Church.

Transition Day went very smoothly for all on Thursday and the children had lots to share about their days. They all seem very happy and are looking forward to being in their new classes.

Over the next few days we will be sending home various pieces of work that your child has done this year. Please ensure book bags are emptied at the beginning of the week so that we are able to do this.

The homework that has been issued this week is your child’s Year 2 homework to be completed over the summer. It is due in for September. Also, your child’s reading book will be collected in on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend


Friday 6th July 2018

What a warm week it has been!

In English we have been talking all about the seaside and creating words banks with all the words to do with the sea and beaches. The children then had lots of fun learning about onomatopoeia and using it in their seaside poems. There was lots of ‘waves crashing’ and ‘ships honking’.

In Maths we have been taking a look at money again, looking at the all the ways we can make a number using the coins from 1p- £2.

In Topic we looked at the history of aviation. The children made a timeline of the development of aeroplanes over the years from oldest to newest.

In Science we made a weather forecast for the United Kingdom. As you can imagine this week, it was predominately all sunshine!

On Tuesday afternoon we took the children for a walk around Balles Park and into the woods to carry out observational drawings on the trees and flowers that we saw! It was lovely to make the most of this glorious weather. The children also had a wonderful time trying out the different string instruments that will be on offer to learn in Year 2.

Over the beginning of the week, the Larch Centre hall was transformed into an art exhibition, featuring the pupil’s rocks they had made on our ‘Mindful Day’. It was lovely to see the children commenting on not only their own pieces of art, but on others, created by pupils in the secondary phase.

Hopefully we shall see lots of you at the Slice of Summer! Enjoy your weekend.


Friday 29th June 2018

We have had a busy week this week!

In maths we have been learning about positional language. The children had fun directing each other using language such as left and right, quarter turn, half turn and full turn.

In English we have been learning about sentence structure and the children have worked hard to organise sentences correctly remembering to re-read their work and add full stops and capital letters in the correct places.

Sports Day was a great success and the children did so well in the heat.

They all enjoyed their last swimming session on Tuesday. We had Maths Day on Wednesday and the children worked with both Reception and Year 2 children to complete a range of activities. The year 9 students came over and organised the maths activities in the afternoon. This was great fun and the children loved it!

We wish you all a lovely weekend!


Friday 22nd June 2018

And just like that, another week has gone by!

In maths this week we have spent time using scales to measure different items around the class. The children were set the challenge of using the result, as they went along, to help them come up with a ‘sensible prediction’ before weighing each item. We discussed how cubes were a non-standard unit of measurement and talked about standard units of measurements that we might use when following a recipe!

We have had a superb week in English, using the ‘Enormous Turnip’ to inspire the children to write their own versions and film themselves telling the story. The children created some brilliant story maps and incorporated some wonderful story language and adjectives.

Fitting in with the glorious weather we have had, we delved further into our ‘Holidays and Journeys’ topic. The children shared their homework’s; discussing all the different types of journeys and holidays they had been on. We were really lucky to have some actual photos from over 100 years, of people at the seaside. We spent our topic lesson discussing the differences and similarities between the seaside then and now, using terminology such as ‘past’ and ‘present’.

The children have been recording the weather every day this week, linked to our Science topic. At the beginning of the week we watched a weather forecast and talked about all the symbols that they use.

On Friday, we spent time getting in some practice for our sports day on Monday 25th June. Please can you ensure that children have a clearly named hat and a water bottle to take out with them, as it is looking to be a rather warm day!

A reminder that we still have one more swimming lesson on Tuesday, so please ensure that your child has their normal swimming kit.



Friday 15th June 2018

What a busy week!

In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division. We have been using arrays to find different ways of grouping and sharing amounts. We then moved on to writing the repeated addition sentence and finally multiplication.

In English we have been using conjunctions in our writing. Today we have discussed how we use a dictionary and what we might use it for. The children were set the task of using a dictionary to find some given words and then they had to write the meaning of the words. We talked about alphabetical order.

In topic we have learnt about the 5 oceans. The children located these on a map of the world. We discussed journeys and holidays to other countries and different ways to travel overseas.

We have now completed the Phonics Skills Test for Year 1. The children did so well and we are all very proud of them! Thank you for taking the time at home to practice the sounds. It really did help!

We will no longer be sending “specific” spellings home each week. In your child’s Reading Record you will find a list of “Common Exception Words” for Year 1. The children are expected to know these words and be able to spell them. Please practice a few a week and we will be encouraging the children to use them in their independent writing as well as using them for a short dictation each week.

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 8th June 2018

What a brilliant first week we have had back after half term. This week it has been ‘Healthy Living Week’. The children have partaken in several different workshops all focused on keeping our mind and our bodies healthy.

On Monday we discussed as a class how to keep our bodies healthy and the things we can do such as drinking water, making sure we get enough sleep and eating a varied diet.

On Tuesday, Mrs Hill from the Secondary phase came over to talk to us all about mindfulness. The children practiced lots of different breathing exercise and discussed different ways we can help ourselves be calm and reflective. We talked about listening to music, reading a book or having some quiet time.

On Wednesday, we discussed our big plans to open a ‘Healthy Living Cafe’. The children wrote a list of things we would need in a café and even wrote up some menus, ensuring that we incorporated items from all the different food groups. There were some very appetising dishes, such as meatball and sardine sandwiches! We also spent lots of time outside, going for walks and practising the breathing exercise we had learnt about the day before.

On Thursday we had the fabulous SKIP2BFIT workshop. The children loved counting how many skips they had done and challenging themselves to improve their score each time. We continued to look at things we needed for a café, such as writing instructions for making a sandwich using imperative verbs.

On Friday we spent the morning learning and trying lots of different fruits from passion fruit, dragon fruit and figs. The children then all had a turn peddling on the bikes that blended the fruit together and then, of course, trying the three different smoothies! It has been a superb week and the children have all embraced the key messages all about healthy eating!

Next week is Phonics Screening week. Please ensure that all sounds are practised over the weekend. Any reading will also help to prepare the children.

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 25th May 2018

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who came along to Saturdads and Supermums. The outdoor area looks super!

We were very excited on Monday morning when we had received a letter from the Headkeeper from Birdland in Gloucester. He was updating us all about Charlotte the penguin, who was afraid swimming. This week we have been writing our own version of ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’. The children came up with some brilliant ideas, such as ‘ The Crocodile  Who was Afraid of the Swamp’ and ‘ The Bumblebee Who Was Afraid of Flowers’.

In Maths we have been looking at time, focusing on quarter past and quarter to. We looked at the language used when tackling word problems such as ‘later’ and ‘before’.

In topic we looked a different types and uses of flags. The children matched together different description of the flags and linked it to a sport.

Even though Scooter safety was unfortunately cancelled, we spent time talking to the children about how to be safe when out and about on their scooters. We also spent some time having a go on the scooters in the school playground.

The week we come back to school is ‘Healthy Living Week’ and it will be jammed packed with lots of fun activities.

Enjoy your half term!


Friday 18th May 2018

Where is the term going? It is crazy to think there is just one week left until May half term.

In English we had a super surprise when we received a letter from Charlotte, a penguin who was afraid of the water. Charlotte had been told by Plop, the owl, what brilliant letters the children had written and how much they had helped him. So the children all spent time writing to Charlotte telling her how they felt when they first started swimming   .

In maths we have been revisiting time. The children all worked hard showing us what they knew about ‘o’ clock’ and ‘half past’ already and we then moved on to quarter past.

In Science we carried out an observation, looking at our shadows. The children all made prediction as to what they thought was going to happen to their shadow over the day. There was some brilliant observation made and some good scientific language used in the write ups!

In topic we looked at pictures from our Ancient Greek Olympics and compiled all the facts we knew about the ancient Olympic. The children loved talking about all the different sports that we had done such as discus and chariot racing!

We enjoyed a lovely day on Friday, spending time carrying out some Royal wedding themed activities. The children made crowns, bunting and even designed some wedding dresses.

As well as the children’s homework this week, there is an additional task of copying out the piece of writing called ‘Ask Mummy Ask Daddy’. The focus of this is for the children to demonstrate their best handwriting.  All children will receive a house point when they hand it in. We would like all children to give this a go.

Enjoy your weekend.


Friday 4th May 2018

This week in English we have been looking at Newspaper reports, identifying the different features in the examples. We had lots of fun coming up with different headlines linking to pictures given! We have been practising using speech marks for direct pieces of speech, focusing on where the speech marks go and what other punctuation is used. Next week we shall be looking at the book ‘You can Swim Jim’ and linking it to our own personal experiences.

In Maths, we have continued to work on adding 10 and then extended it to adding some teen numbers, such as 11 and 12.

During topic the children became researchers, using lots of different resources to create a fact file about a sport. We were so impressed with how pupils were reading the information and turning into their own words. They showed real perseverance with this task!

In Science we looked at animal migration. We discussed the reasons why animals migrate to other places, how they know where they are going and what they do to prepare themselves before leaving! Hopefully next week brings some sunnier weather so that we can complete our lesson on shadows!

We were really lucky to be able to watch a snippet of the Secondary Phase’s dance and gymnastics show, where there were some Larch centre performers taking part.

With the Phonic screening week approaching, we will now be sending out phonic based homework tasks. Please ensure that tasks are completed as they will benefit all pupils.

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday 27th April 2018

This week we have had fun reading Meerkat Mail in English. We have explored the different emotions that Sunny the meerkat experiences throughout the story. We played the part of different characters in the book.

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We began by exploring halves and quarters of shapes and have started to think about fractions of amounts.

In topic work we have enjoyed sharing our homework books with one another and discussing different sports that we have learnt about. We learnt about the history of the Olympics and located the seven continents of the world on a world map.

Next week we will be adding and subtracting ten to a two digit number. In English we will continue to explore Meerkat Mail and will begin to write our own version of the story.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!


Friday 20th April 2018

Welcome back to the Summer Term! We hope you all had a lovely Easter holidays.

It has been art week this week and we have been studying the history and work of Henri Matisse. The children have produced some brilliant work, such as a recreation of ‘The Snail’ and tried out ‘painting with scissors’.  The pupils created a Matisse fact file, learning all about how he became an artist and developed his own style.

In Maths we focused on place value, specifically looking at numbers between given multiples and using ‘more than’ and ‘less than’.

Next week in English we shall be starting to look at a new book called ‘Meerkat Mail’ and working towards writing a letter.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the National Speed Stacking champion on Friday and the pupils loved giving it a go themselves.

Please can you ensure that children bring in a water bottle, so that they can take it out to break and lunch with them.

Enjoy the weekend!



Thursday 29th March 2018

And just like that, it is the end of the Spring Term and we have had a brilliant week. On Monday the children were asked if they could help design and build a model town. We had a long discussion altogether about the different buildings you would get in a town and then the children set to work planning and drawing a chosen building. From fire stations to bungalows, vets and a hospital, we had it all.

On Tuesday afternoon the children worked together to design a plot of land that would go around their building. There were some super ideas involving swimming pools, fences and flower beds.

On Wednesday, Upside Down day, the pupils added the final details to their buildings and then we took everything upstairs. There we created our amazing town! The children lined their plots up and had a chance to look at each other’s. We snuck into Reception and borrowed lots of cars, small world people and animals to add to our town. The children absolutely loved the project this week and all worked really hard putting it together!

The homework over Easter is the ‘Heroes’ writing challenge, which is to be completed in the red booklet. Please ensure that you also continue to read over the holidays!

Enjoy a lovely Easter holidays!


Friday 23rd March 2018

Another super week in Year 1! Both classes went to Hertford Museum for a ‘Fossils’ workshop. The children put on their researcher caps and set to work, working out what the different fossils were.  It was a brilliant opportunity for the children to see a variety of fossils and find out what they were.

In Maths we have been using Numicon. On Monday we used it to demonstrate how there are different ways of making a given number, such as number bonds to 10. We then progressed in the week to using it to help us with our addition sums.

In English we have been focusing on using conjunctions. The children have all worked hard working on combining two sentences together by adding a conjunction. Initially we started by using ‘and’ but by the end of the week the children were using ‘because’, ‘so’ and ‘until’.

In topic we spent time looking at different types of homes and then drew and labelled our houses. The children then described them, using the language we had discussed, such a ‘detached’ and ‘semi-detached’.  In Science, we shared our knowledge on the different seasons and created a visual representation of the seasons and corresponding months.

Enjoy you weekend!


Friday 16th March 2018

This week in English we have focused on reading and performing poetry. We talked about what a good performance looks like. We discussed how we can use our voice,  body and positioning when performing. The pupils were then given the task of practising a poem to then perform on Friday in front of the class. There were lots of super performances! Next week we are focusing on grammar, ensuring we are consistently using capital letters and full stops and thinking about joining clauses using connectives.

In Maths we have been focusing on subtraction. We had great fun on Monday morning using a variety of different resources to answer number sentences. On Friday all the children challenged one another with their word problems that they had done in their homework. It was brilliant to see pupils helping each other work out a question and work together on some tricky challenges.  Next week we shall be working with Numicon and looking at strategies that can help us with addition and subtraction.

In Science we began our new topic of ‘Seasonal Changes’. The children discussed facts that they already knew about the sun and then composed sentences in which they wanted to find out. Over the next few weeks we shall be closely watching the weather by measuring the rainfall and observing the sun at different points of the day.

We had a lovely day on our Year 1 trip to Pardon Wood, and were very lucky with the weather! The children spent the majority of the day outside, looking for dinosaur clues, building shelters and checking out different bugs!

Please could children bring in a small shoe sized box for our ‘Houses and Homes’ topic.

Enjoy your weekends!


Friday 9th March 2018

Yet another busy week! We started off our week in English looking at Kit Wright’s poem ‘ The Magic Box’. The children worked in groups to, identify what things Kit placed in his box and highlight the alliteration and adjectives used.  The children were then challenged to write their own version of the poem. The children had some brilliant ideas as to what they would put in their boxes! Next week we shall be looking at different types of poems. Please could the children bring in a poem that they like, to share with the class.

In Maths we have been looking at symmetry. The children had great fun creating their own symmetrical images in the hall using lots of different resources! Next week we shall be looking at subtraction.

We have come to the end of our dinosaur topic and started to talk about our new topic of ‘Houses and Home’. The children all shared their homework with one another and then had the opportunity to write a positive comment on someone else’s work.

‘Drop everything and read’ was a brilliant success. The children loved sharing all their favourite books and joining in with the book swap.

We have our Year 1 trip on Wednesday to Pardon Wood. Please remember that children need to be wearing full school uniform, with a warm coat, sensible shoes and a healthy throwaway lunch. The day is going to be jam- packed full of super dinosaur related activities! We are still looking for a couple of helpers, so if you are available to come on the trip, please send an email to either Year 1 teacher.

Enjoy your weekend!



Friday 23rd February 2018

We have had a super start to the Spring half term! On Monday it was lovely to hear all about what the children got up to on their week off.

In Maths we have started looking at data handling. We dicussed what data is and why we collect it. The pupils have been collecting and recording data using tallys, and block and bar graphs.

In English we have been looking at non-chronological reports. On Tuesday we showed the children a variety of different examples and created a checklist of the different features that we could find, such as subheadings and facts. We then spent a lesson discussing the difference between facts and opinion. The children had lots of fun discussing whether ‘Mrs Summerfield is a better cook than Miss Pearce’. We left it up to them to deicde whether it was a fact or an opinion!

On Wednesday afternoon the pupils become researchers as they hunted through different books and sources of information to find information about certain dinosaurs. The pupils all worked so hard picking apart tricky setences and drawing information from pictures.

We have been so impressed with the phonics games that the pupils have made and brought in.  The pupils have had great fun in class playing each others games! We shall be keeping these in class to continue playing them during in phonics and Golden Time.

On Thursday next week it is ‘World Book Day’.  Don’t forget to dig out superhero costumes!

Enjoy your weekend.


Thursday 8th February 2018

Where has the time gone ? We cannot believe that we have already come to the end of the first Spring Term. It has been a brilliant term for really seeing the pupils flourish in their work, especially in writing.

On Tuesday it was ‘Safer Interent Day’. The children were given different scanerios and talked about about making the right choice to make sure they are keeping themselves safe online. There were some super posters made all about making sure we ask a grown up and that we do not talk to anybody we do not know online.

In Maths we have continued to look at place value of numbers over 20. The children have been ordering different numbers from the biggest to the smallest. The children really challenged themselves on Thursday, working in partners to tackle different word problems.

We have had a brilliant time in English planning our own stories and then, the exciting task of writing them. The children have loved being able to come up with their own characters and storylines. We look forward to reading them!

As it is Chinese New Year during half term, we talked all about what Chinese New Year is and how it is celebrated. The children had great fun making latterns and dancing dragons.

All Year One pupils have been given a list of spellings. We are aware that some of these words may have been given out before. The lists are made up of common exception words that pupils need to know. We ask that you practise them all and put them into sentences. We shall only be testing 8 out of the list given.  Our focus for these words are that pupils apply them in their writing. We have found that some pupils are getting them right in their test but are not applying that knowledge in their writing, hence the recapping of them.

We hope you all enjoy a super half term!


Friday 2nd February 2018

Year One have been very active this week! We started our week off by getting out onto the school field and having a lesson with a rugby coach. The pupils had a brilliant time playing games and working on their agility and throwing skills.  Alongside the Rabbits and Badgers usual Tuesday morning PE lesson with Mr Norcross, in the afternoon the pupils were lucky enough to have a guided dinosaur themed ‘Strech and Grow’ session. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed it and came back into class discussing all the different moves they had done!

Alongside all the activities, in English, we continued to focus on Traditional Tales. We are working towards the pupils writing their own version of a Traditional Tale and therefore have been planning different settings and characters. The children will then be using a story plan to set out the plot of their story in preparation for the ‘big write’!

In Maths we have been partitioning numbers, looking at how many tens and ones numbers have. We have used cubes, beadstring and Dienes blocks.

We are still going Dinosaurs crazy in topic! The children have loved sharing their different books and facts that they know. We have been talking about being researchers and how we can find information about different dinosaurs to complete a factfile. The children will be  using books, posters and ipads to help them in their task.

Following on from a phonics review this week , we shall be changing around our phonics groups. This will help to target specific areas that will be benficial to every pupil. Each group will have a different set of spellings which will be comprised of high frequency words that pupils are expected to know how to spell by the end of Year One, alongside words linked to the phonics focus that week. As we often discuss with the pupils, while we want the pupils to do well in their weekly spellings check, it is important they apply those correct spellings in their writing.

Next Thursday is a non-uniform day and the money raised will be  supporting the charity ‘Young Minds’.

Have a super weekend!

Y1N 020218 video from Simon Balle on Vimeo.


Friday 26th January 2018

What a busy week it has been! We continued our focus on Traditional Tales in English. We read a cultural folk tale called ‘Rainbow Bird’. We talked about where the story is set and the differences and similarities between other stories that we have read. We focused on the different characters in the book and thought of adjectives to suit. The children created some very colourful birds to represent Rainbow Bird and wrote adjectives to describe her on the feathers.  Next week we shall be focusing on different settings in Traditional Tales.

On Monday in Maths we went back to basics and practised our number formation. While the maths work progresses it is really important the pupils continue to record numbers correctly and the right way round. So keep an eye out at home as well! We spent the rest of the week looking at arrays and drawing our own ones to fit with the repeated addition sums. The children worked hard  practising using this visual representation of mathemtical sums.

We had a lovely, if not a little messy, afternoon making our dinosaurs that we had previously designed out of paper plates. The children had an abudance of different materials and resources to use and created some brilliant creatures! In Science we were discussing the different properties of materials, such as glass, fabric  and plastic,  and spent time walking around school looking at the different materials used.

This week we will be sending home a phonic-based activity. This will be beneficial for all children as it will be in their phonic screening assessment nearer the end of the year. We have sent home a list of ‘alien words’. These are words that are not ‘real’ words and the whole purpose is that children can sound the word. As we emphasise to the children in class, do not try and change it to a real word, just sound out exactly what you read!

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday 19th January 2018

This week we continued to focus on Traditional Tales. We spent time reading different versions of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ to look at some of the differences and similarities between stories. With a focus on story telling and adding expression to our reading we did some Drama all linked with the story. We acted our different parts, created some freeze frames and chose different characters to place in the ‘hot seat’, to ask different questions linked to parts of the story.

In Maths we chose to extend our lessons on time as the pupils were all working hard applying their knowledge on clocks and working out times ‘an hour later’ and ‘an hour before’. We started at the end of the week to look at arrays and repeated addition, to help support the teaching of multiplication and addition in a few weeks time.

We had a brilliant time, in topic, creating our own dinosaurs. The children all identified different features on their creations and loved choosing a name that incorporated their name. Miss Pearceasurus and Mrs Summerdactyl definitely amused the children. On Monday, the pupils spent time being material detectives to kick start out new Science topic of ‘Materials’.

Thank you to all those children who have bought in books about dinosaours or Traditional Tales. It has been lovely using and sharing them in class!

Enjoy your weekend!


Friday 12th January 2018

Our first full week back and it has been a busy one.

In English we have been focusing on Traditional Tales. This week we were reading ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We spent time making puppets for each of the characters and re-telling the story to others in the class. We have been talking about different settings in stories and thinking about the different language in traditional tales such as , ‘Once upon a time’.

In Maths we have continued to look at time. We have been learning to tell the time to the hour and half past. We then spent time in the hall concentrating on how long a minute actually is. We guessed how many times we could complete an activity in one minute and then did it to see what the results were.

We have started our new topic of Dinosaurs and sorted different dinosaurs into groups of carnivores and herbivores. We also went in the Computer Suite in the secondary school and look forward to our weekly lessons!

This term we have mixed up the classes for our morning phonic sessions. This is to help target areas that would be beneficial for the pupils. Each group has their own set of spellings that will be tested on a Friday morning.

We hope you have a lovely weekend!


Friday 15th December 2017

What a lovely week we have had!

We hope everyone enjoyed their impromptu day off because of the snow!

On Tuesday we spent the morning adding the final touches to our play ready for the final performance in the afternoon. The children have been working so hard rehearsing the past few weeks and what a success it was. Everyone did brilliantly! We hope you all enjoyed it just as much as we did.

On Wednesday the performing continued when we went to the Hertford Theatre to see ‘Rapunzel’. It was such a brilliant show and the children absolutely loved it. We spent the afternoon discussing and writing about our favourite parts of the pantomime.

For the rest of the week we have been truly getting into the Christmas spirit. In Maths we have been starting to look at fractions. We spent time decorating baubles in halves and quarters.

On Friday we will not be sending out any homework or spellings. We ask that the children continue to read several times a week, but take the time to enjoy the Christmas holidays. We will be asking the children to verbally share their holidays news with the class and we look forward to hearing about all the games that were played and fun that was had together over Christmas!

From all of the staff in Year One, a huge thank you for our very generous Christmas presents. It was incredibly kind of you!

Have a fabulous weekend.


Friday 8th December 2017

Wow! What an eventful week!

We arrived at school on Monday morning to find that a sleigh had crashed in the playground. There were presents scattered across the car park and even some on the swimming pool roof and in the trees!

The children have worked hard this week to try and solve the problem of the broken sleigh. We had a letter from our “Kindness Elf” to say that Mrs Claus was really worried as Santa had not returned home to the North Pole after the Frost Fair on Saturday. We then worked out that Santa and his reindeer must be lost somewhere near our school.

We brainstormed some ideas to help Santa find his way back to the Larch Centre so that he can get home in time for Christmas Eve.

The children thought of some fantastic ideas and this week we have;

  • Written letters to Mrs Claus
  • Made “missing” posters
  • Laid a trail for the reindeer
  • Filmed news reports
  • Written to the Kindness Elf
  • Interviewed other people
  • Written a newspaper report
  • Left food out for Santa and the reindeer
  • Asked Mr Tweed to check the CCTV cameras

We really hope that all our efforts will help Santa find his way home. Please let us know if you have seen or heard anything that will help solve this mystery!

Have a magical weekend!


Friday 1st December 2017

This week in Maths we have been learning about pattern. The children enjoyed making repeating patterns with paper chains. We used these to decorate the classroom for 1st December!

In English we have been learning about lists. We made a list of healthy foods to put on our healthy plate. We have also learnt about putting commas in our writing.

In topic work we have learnt about healthy and non healthy food. We designed a plate of healthy food and then made our own plates of food for our class display.

We have continued to add to our Bean Diaries. Some children have taken their bean stalks home as they are ready to be re planted.

Have a lovely weekend!


Thursday 23rd November 2017

This week in Maths we have been working on number problems. The children have been encouraged to use their maths packs to work out their answers and record them in their books.

In English we have been looking at rhyming words. We have made our own poems about winter for our display boards outside the classroom. Next week we will be learning how to write lists and letters. In preparation, please talk to your child about their address.

We have continued to observe our runner beans growing. Some have started growing and it has been really exciting to watch.

We have begun our rehearsals for the Christmas play. Instead of homework this week, please help your child to learn their lines and the songs from the play.

Have a lovely long weekend!


Friday 17th November 2017

This week in Maths we have been learning about money and positional language. We have ordered coins from 1p to £2. The homework this week will be focussed on this topic.

In English we have been sharing our favourite books and making fact files about them. The children have really enjoyed sharing this information with each other.

We planted runner beans in science and have made a “Bean Diary” to track and document it’s growth.  The children have been very enthusiastic about watering them!

Next week we will begin rehearsals for the Christmas play. Please look out for a note in bookbags to let you know what your child’s costume will be.

Next week is a four day week (we are not at school on Friday) so the spellings and homework will be given out on Thursday.  Please ensure homework is handed in by Wednesday so that it can be marked by Thursday.

PE Kit

Please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school, including trainers. A reminder that every child should have socks in their PE kit to change into (particularly if girls are wearing tights). If your child is unable to tie laces, then velcro trainers are preferable!

Many thanks for your continued support. Have a lovely weekend.


Friday 10th November 2017

This week in Math we have been focusing on addition and subtraction. The children spent time developing their skill of using a number-line to help add and subtract two numbers. Using resources in Maths, such as a number-line, is a really useful tool as we progress to using higher numbers in our work.

In English we have been looking at instruction writing and the use of imperative verbs. We read the ‘Gingerbread Man’ and looked at the importance of sequencing instructions in order. Of course, we then had to put our instructions to the test and make some gingerbread people!

During our ‘Food’ topic we then continued to look at the ‘Gingerbread Man’, focusing on the ingredients needed. We looked at the use of rationing during the World Wars and the substitution

In Science we discussed plants found in our garden and school. The children then spent time designing and labelling a garden. We shall be planting our seeds next week when all our seeds have arrived.


Friday 3rd November 2017

This week in English we have been learning to write a recount. We used conjunctions in our writing and wrote about our half term holidays!

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes. We have made shape pictures, labelled and sorted shapes and discussed properties of different shapes.

In Science we have begun our new topic of “Identifying Plants”. We will be planting some seeds next week and hope to transfer some of these to our outdoor area.

Our new topic this half term is “Food”. This week we have designed a healthy lunchbox and discussed where our food comes from. We are hoping to take the children to the local supermarket to support our topic work.

Next week we will be learning to write instructions to make gingerbread man. We will be learning about imperative (bossy) verbs and how to use them in a set of instructions.

If you have any seeds or other “gardening” resources, we would be very grateful for them!

Wishing you all a brilliant weekend!

Friday 20th October 2017

Wow! Where has the time gone? We have had a brilliant first half term in Year 1 and look forward to the second half of the Autumn term!

In Maths this week we have been looking at measurement. We have been measuring each other and items in the classroom using non-standard units such as, bean bags, scissors, pencils and counters. At the end of the week we started looking at standard units of measurement and all the pupils spent time using rulers for both measuring and drawing straight lines.

In English we have been reading ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear’ and had great fun, pretending to be trains, exploring how we can speed up and slow down the pace of the story using our voices.  Each pupil then wrote their own page to go in our class version of the story.

In Science we focused on the importance of taking care of our pets. We looked at how different animals have very different needs such as a dog and a snake. After half term, we will be starting our new topic ‘Plants’.

In our topic ‘Wonderful Me!’ we continued our focus on measurement by recording all the heights of the children.  Next term we shall be starting our new topic of ‘Food’. We will be looking at farming and where our food comes from in the world. We shall be going into the ICT suites to look at how we can use a computer to write up recipes and use pictures to create a healthy eating plate.

We have got a busy term planned after half term with ‘Book Week’ and the lead up to Christmas.  We have been very impressed with how the pupils are getting on with their spellings and homework so keep up the brilliant practise at home and of course, reading!

We hope you all enjoy a wonderful half term!


Friday 13th October 2017

This week in English we have been reading ‘Penguin’ by Polly Dunbar. We have been looking at the use of speech bubbles in the story and the children have had lots of fun coming up with different lines that the characters might say.

In Maths we have been focusing on subtraction and discussing the different vocabulary used, such as ‘take away’. We have been looking at the relationship between addition and subtraction and how one is the inverse of the other. We have also spent some time looking at mathematical word problems and how we can use different resources to help work out the questions.

In Science we were looking at different animal’s diets and whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. It sparked some brilliant discussions as the children were suggesting different animals and working out which group they belonged to.

As Simon Balle has recently twinned with a school in The Gambia, during topic, we were looking at similarities and differences between Hertford and Bakau, a town in the west of The Gambia.  We also spent time discussing different parts of our body and why we felt it was the best part of our body.

Next week in Maths we shall be looking at measurement and the use of non-standard units. In English we shall be reading ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear’ and making a class book in the same style.

Wishing you all a brilliant weekend!


Friday 6th October 2017

This week in English we have been learning about the story, “Monkey and Me” by Emily Gravett. The children enjoyed acting out the story and learning the repeated phrases in the book.

In Maths we have been learning doubling and halving. The children enjoyed making ladybirds to double numbers.  We also started to count in twos and notice the odd and even numbers.

In Science we learnt about reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. We grouped the animals and then compared the similarities and differences.

During our topic work we discussed our journeys to school and made maps to show these. We talked about using a “key” on a map to identify different landmarks.

Next week in Maths we will be learning about subtraction.  We will investigate this through practical activities and then the children will begin to record when they are ready.

We really enjoyed the Harvest celebration this week. Thank you for all you donations.


Friday 29th September 2017

We have had a super busy week in Year 1. We all enjoyed taking part in the Fun Run on Tuesday afternoon. The children looked amazing in their costumes.

We tasted fruit on Friday and used words to describe how it tasted. The children thought of some really interesting adjectives and they really enjoyed acting out the story “Handa’s Surprise”.

In maths we have learnt about addition and we have made our own addition sentences using the signs + and =.

The homework so far has been so creative – thank you for your efforts in helping the children with this.

This week we will be sending home a practice sheet to help with learning spellings. Please use this if you wish – it does not need to come back to school!

A reminder that next Tuesday is Harvest Festival at All Saints church.

Next week in English we will continue to learn about repeated phrasing in stories and rhymes. In maths we will be learning about subtraction.

Have a lovely weekend!


Friday 22nd September 2017

This week in English we have been acting out the story of ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’. We had lots of fun in the hall recreating the story. We also discussed what we would like to put in our dream jars to make a happy dream. The children loved shared all their different ideas.

In Maths we have been learning about place value and have investigated how many ‘ten’ and ‘ones’ are in teen numbers. We did lots of practical activities to consolidate our learning.

In Science we learnt about mammals and their characteristics. We compared the different mammals and whether they had similarities or differences.

During our topic work we took photos and have used these to recreate our self-portraits.

Next week in Maths we will be learning about additions. Please note that the homework is linked to this area. In English we shall be reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and tasting some of the exotic fruit from the story.

Please ensure your child has their trainers and appropriate European themed costume to wear on Tuesday for the Fun Run.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Friday 15th September 2017

Another great week had in Badgers and Rabbits classes this week!

As it was Dahlicious day on Wednesday, we spent the week focusing on the BFG.  We talked about our dreams and made dream catchers. It was amazing to see so many different characters from Roald Dahl stories.

In maths we have been focusing on place value and learning about ‘more’ and ‘less’. The children have been focusing on ‘one more’ and ‘one less’ than a number.

In our topic work we have been learning about different parts of the body and had great fun drawing around one another and identifying parts of the body we knew.

Next week we shall be looking at ‘greater than’ and ‘less than’ in Maths. We will be reading the Bear Hunt in English, focusing on the repeated patterns and phrases in stories.

Please make sure that the homework is handed in by next Thursday so that we are able to mark it before Friday. We shall be sending out spellings today for a test next Friday.

Thank you for continuing to read with your child, keep it up!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday 8th September 2017

A great start to the year in our Badgers and Rabbits classes! The children have settled back really well and are enjoying being in their new classrooms.

This week we have shared lots of holiday diaries – there are still a lot to get through! We will hold onto these and send them home at the end of the half term.

We have started our topic work for “Wonderful Me”. The children have painted self – portraits and shared facts about themselves.

Thank you for sending in the baby photos. We will be using these for a display in class and we will send them home at the end of the half term.

Next week we celebrate Dahlicious Day. Please send your child dressed as a Roald Dahl character on Wednesday. In class we will be learning about The BFG. We will make dream catchers and will learn about Roald Dahl.

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school, including trainers. We do not need wellies in school.

Have a fantastic weekend!