On the evening of 1st October, Year 13 English students travelled to Shakespeare’s Globe to see a production of ‘Othello’, a key A-level text.

The production, starring one of Britain’s most renowned actors, Mark Rylance, as Iago and Andre Holland, who appeared in the Oscar-winning film ‘Moonlight’, as Othello, has earned a number of glowing reviews in the national press.

Seeing a play at the Globe is a markedly different experience from seeing a play in a conventional theatre, with audience participation, ‘ships’ arriving through the groundings and the cast performing a merry Elizabethan jig at the end of the show.

The production consolidated students’ understanding of the play and, crucially, stimulated debate about how the director had interpreted some key characters. Rylance’s Iago, in particular, was the subject of wide-ranging discussion as this was an amiable, sociable, slightly bumbling Iago rather than the more typical Machiavellian, villainous Iago.