Visual communication learned through the study of textile art, craft and design is an important tool used to communicate and share information throughout history and is ever present in today’s world. The Simon Balle art student will develop an appreciation and understanding of the arts, culture and the wider world through the exploration and discovery of visual language techniques.  Our art, craft and design curriculum inspires and promotes imaginative risk taking and explores solutions to our material, emotional, social and virtual worlds. Through the practical manipulation of materials, and a full understanding of how and why something is made, students learn to express and communicate their own personal ideas and create, experiment with and invent their own works of textile art, craft and design.

Students will be equipped with a deep knowledge and understanding of the subject as well as an appreciation of contemporary, historical and cultural practice. Students will be able to visually identify the great designers of the textiles world and build upon this knowledge with the social and historical context to understand how many designers from around the world contribute to the shaping of our future and history.

Building resilience and a sense of personal pride is integral to the art curriculum at Simon Balle All-through School. The study of art and design cultivates independence, confidence and critical thinking enabling pupils to contribute as confident citizens and future professionals to the culture, creativity, economic success, leisure, material and emotional well being of our society within both national and global contexts

Curriculum map

Teaching Staff

  • Jack Andrews (Head of Department)
  • Ais Dowd
  • Rebecca Fish
  • Beth Freeth
  • Fiona Johnston
  • Chris Trueman
  • Louise Hudson (Primary subject champion)