Every musician who is eligible is expected to be in an ensemble or choir.

Our aim is a joined up musical pathway for all.

Playing and performing with others is an essential part of being a musician.

That is who we are.

Our musical week

Ensembles rehearse each week after school:

Monday – Junior Wind Band (3.30pm), Concert Band (4pm)

Tuesday – String ensembles from 3pm, Saxidentals (3pm), Rock School (4pm)

Wednesday – our choir and singing evening – all choirs after school with the Adult choir (Take Note) in the evening at 7.45pm. Junior and Senior choirs (3.30 - 4.15pm), Chamber Choir (4.15pm).

Thursday – Trad Band at lunchtime, Larch Choirs (KS1 and 2 - 3.15 - 4.00pm), Big Band (3.30pm), Big Band 2 (3.30pm)

Friday - Guitars (3.30pm)

We also run extra sectional and ensemble rehearsals, chamber music and more.

On some Thursdays at 6pm we have our tea time showcase – allowing musicians to perform music they have been working on.

Where there is a clash with revision or something else - talk and we compromise.