At the start of each day we would like secondary students to complete the attendance register: they will be sent a Google Form every morning at 8.15am so they can register their attendance by 8.45am. Parents must notify the school, in the usual process, if their child is unwell.

Our secondary students will be following their normal timetables, so will complete five lessons per day, each lasting between 40 and 60 minutes (KS3 students should remember that we are still following the early lunch formati, so periods 1 to 3 are before lunch, and period 4 starts at 12.45pm). The students still attending school as part of the key worker and vulnerable group will be completing the same lessons under the supervision of support staff on site.

Work for these lessons will be set and submitted via google classroom (students should already be ‘members’ of a google classroom for each subject, but if there are any problems with this they should contact their subject teacher). 

We aim to have 50% of lessons each week be ‘Live’ or Pre-recorded. In the initial stages priority will be given to examination classes in years 11 and 13. Live lesson interaction may vary: Students may have the teacher visible only at the start and/or end of the lesson, the teacher may be online throughout the whole period leading instructions or interact only when specific timed tasks have been completed. Pre-recordings may be sent to students instead of a ‘live lesson’ to help explain the context of the lesson. We know from the feedback that many of our students have given us that the live lessons are valued by some students, but equally others appreciate the pre-recorded and non-video lessons that allow them to work at their own pace. We will endeavour to provide a varied diet of lesson styles and activities, much as we would in the classroom. 

Students have been using Google Classroom as part of their daily routine since September, so should already be comfortable with the mechanism for accessing and submitting work. Feedback can take a variety of forms, including individual comments, whole class feedback and scores for mini quizzes.

KS3 students also have access to optional, enrichment resources in every year group that will complement the annual curriculum content. At KS4, these materials include retrieval/revision activities linked to their GCSE subject and exams. These can be accessed using the following google classroom codes:

  • Year 7 Google Classroom code: nqseq5k
  • Year 8 Google Classroom code: ke7ynum
  • Year 9 Google Classroom code: gxs7rtt
  • KS4 Google Classroom code: ncltrds

In addition to this, many departments have set up access for students to other resources such as Seneca, Educake and Everlearner.

If you need to discuss an issue relating to remote learning, please contact your child’s subject teacher or form tutor in the first instance. Mr Finch is the member of staff with overall responsibility for remote learning in the secondary phase.