Business Studies Speed Revision

Business Studies students recently used “Speed Dating” as part of their revision technique. Students were allocated a different section of the syllabus and had to create a set of questions that they asked each other in a minute, before the timer stopped and they moved on.

This was a fun and effective lesson, which helped students to reinforce their learning through a creative revision technique.

Spring Music Exam Congratulations

Congratulations to all the musicians who took a music exam at the end of last term. The results are stunning and follow so much hard work from all in Team Music. You can see the full lists below (please click on the images to see larger versions).

Particular congratulations must also go to the following musicians who have recently achieved Grade 8 in their music exams. This is an amazing achievement, the result of lots of hard work and something to be very proud of.

Phoebe Bedford, Cathy Dixon, Alysha Hutchings (twice!), Max Merrett, Maddy Durbin, Jess Miller and Anya Daar


Gymnastics Silver

Congratulations to Y10 student Tilly D who competed recently in a Regional Grade 1 gymnastics competition. The competition was open to gymnasts from clubs across the south of the country.

Tilly finished in second place, with a score difference of 0.065 between her and the gold medal.

Music Mark Award 2017-18

We have just been awarded Music Mark status for the quality of our music at Simon Balle. The award notes that “pupils at your school are able to access and engage with a high-quality music education. Your dedication to offering and delivering a broad and balanced curriculum is both welcomed and celebrated“.

We were nominated by the Hertfordshire Music Service, with whom we work to support all music making in Hertford.

Well done to everyone in Team Music. Together, we help our musicians create extraordinary things.

This is our musical school.

Sixth Form Rewards Repeat

The Sixth Form completed another rewards raffle at the end of last term.  The aim of this initiative is to reward the excellent behaviour and quality of work that the students have produced during the course of this term. For every five house points they receive, students collected a raffle ticket for the prize draw.

I was very proud of the Sixth Form students’ motivation and focus again last term.

Special Mentions: Easter Egg

James Osborne, Phoebe Bedford, Lily Jones, Hannah Shoard, Cerys Greenfield and Will Spurway

Library Egg:

Olivia Creasey, Max Mitchell, Tom Clarke and Jacob Whitelegg-Spavin

Additional Eggs via Raffle:

Lily Davis, Rebecca Tether, Emily Mathieson, Caitlin Mason, Shelley Earl, Luke Allen, Briony Holmes, Anna Fuller and Jack Stratton

£10 Amazon Voucher:

Alfie Graham and Alexandra Heal

£15 Amazon Voucher:

Tess Bennett

One Month Gym Membership:

Olivia Veale

Three Month Gym Membership:

Jack Stodel

Urban Therapy Products:

Molly Nesbit-Larking, Jacob Fenwick and Libby Freeman

Hertford Theatre Tickets:

Hannah Shoard and Shelley Earl

Speaker’s Corner – Florida And NASA

Well done to Paul B from Y8 who spoke recently about his visit to Florida and the Space Center. His presentation was excellent and included a quiz about space which the large audience joined in enthusiastically.

Paul also brought along some artefacts from his trip which the audience was invited to look at. Please get in touch with me on if you would like to give a talk in the near future.


Reception Trip To Paradise Wildlife Park

In the last week of term our Reception children rounded up their topic on ‘Pets and Animals’ by visiting Paradise Wildlife Park. They had a wonderful time looking at all the different animals and recalling the facts they have learnt across the topic. They were able to talk about mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

George said, “The watersnake was my favourite animal, it was massive.”

“I liked the lions because they have sharp teeth and claws and are furry” said Ava

Daye told us, “I liked it when the penguins stretched up and did a little waddle dance.”

The children loved the coach journey and having their packed lunched under a canopy. They had a fantastic time and made us very proud with the sensible way they behaved all day.

Well done Hedgehogs and Squirrels!