“Creating tomorrow’s citizens today”

This is our vision; this is our purpose.  To transform lives, and ensure that our young people are provided with a first class education which develops their character and trains them with the skills and knowledge to become model active citizens who understand how they can contribute to society positively and make the world a better place.

Simon Balle All-through School has a unique ethos, which is highly visible to everyone who knows our school. Our ethos is shaped by both our values and our beliefs driven by our passion that education can truly change lives. We are in the privileged position to be working with children and their families from infancy to young adulthood.

We believe that:

  • Education is a key driver to ensure that all human beings flourish so that they can become happy, successful people who live well together as part of a community
  • Each individual is valued for who they are and what they bring. Everyone will be treated fairly and with dignity
  • Mindset and intelligence are not fixed and we have the highest aspirations for all
  • Personal positive values should reflect the values and virtues identified internationally for flourishing societies.

It is our purpose to ensure we are educating “tomorrow’s citizens today” and as such our young people need:

  • Knowledge, skills and wisdom to achieve well and make wise choices
  • Hope and to be aspirational
  • In a diverse world, be able to work well with a range of people and live in happy communities
  • Treat others and treat themselves with dignity and respect

Values are key to character development and need to not only be taught but caught and practised. Our programme of values education is highly significant from the very start of a child’s schooling, in Reception, and firmly embedded within our primary phase. Its importance, structure and progression are evident across the curriculum, and in particular within our Learning For Life curriculum (PHSCE). Values are emphasised in every aspect of school life- promoting positive behaviours, assemblies, house events and more.

This is built upon and expanded as our children reach secondary phase and then finally sixth form. For we believe then, (having gained greater independence) and after 7 or indeed 14 years of a first class holistic education, our students are more than ready to leave us and play their part as active citizens.

Simon Balle All-through School student expectations:

  • I am proud of who I am
  • I value others and understand that our individuality makes our community stronger
  • I attend regularly and arrive on time with the correct equipment
  • I strive to do my best even when learning is difficult
  • I actively participate in lessons and the extra curricula life of the school
  • I am proud of our school, helping to look after it and create a positive learning environment