What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme challenges young people aged 14 to 25 throughout the world to serve others, acquire new skills, experience adventure and make new friends. Students may enter Bronze, Silver in year 9 and 10. As well as after school skills sessions, participants must also complete many elements in their own time. Commitment is vital. Each award should add purpose and pleasure to a young person’s life and their achievements are widely recognised in education and employment.

Students participating in DofE can expect to gain valuable experience of working with others both through voluntary work and through teamwork. Students can build their self-confidence by setting and then working towards the goals they set themselves. They will also get to push their boundaries, go exploring, discover new things about the world around them, and hopefully also discover something new about themselves.


What is a Duke of Edinburgh participant required to do to complete the award? 

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award requires participants to complete 4 sections:  

  • Skill (learning and making progress towards a goal in a skill)  
  • Physical (participating in a physical activity)  
  • Volunteering (being involved in an activity that benefits others)  
  • Expedition ( attend weekly training sessions in school and complete a training day and a Qualifying Expedition). 

The expedition includes 2 full days of hiking with an overnight camp. In order to meet the requirements of the Skill, Physical and Volunteering sections, students must dedicate approximately one hour a week towards the activities that they have chosen. Two of these sections are to be completed over three months and one section over six months. Students are encouraged to research on the DofE website the level of commitment and type of activities which are involved: https://www.dofe.org/do/basicinformation 

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