The pupil premium grant is government funding given to state schools to improve educational outcomes for students experiencing economic disadvantage and at Simon Balle All-through School we understand deeply the value and importance of using this with impact.

Our vision and purpose revolve around transforming lives and providing a first-class education to our young people. We firmly believe that education has the power to change lives and shape a flourishing community. Guided by our values and beliefs, we embrace the privilege of working with children and their families from infancy to young adulthood, fostering a sense of belonging, nurturing high aspirations, and promoting the understanding that mindset and intelligence are not fixed.

Therefore, our commitment is to continuously enhance our pupil premium strategy and subsequent outcomes by implementing evidence-based approaches that ensure excellent student achievement. Our goal is to see year-on-year progress, where our students have achieved and attained highly in comparison to non-PP national data. In order to achieve this, we recognise that every student in receipt of PP funding is unique, requiring individualised support and tailored focus, so our approach both at an individual and organisational level may be amended year-on-year to best suit the needs of our students.

This is reflected in our adaptable pupil premium plan which can be modified to address specific challenges and support students’ evolving needs throughout the academic year. Our decision-making process for strategies and funding allocation is based on a comprehensive understanding of our school context and informed by external research, such as insights from the Educational Endowment Foundation, including their tiered approach to work in this area:

  1. Quality First Teaching 
  2. Targeted academic support 
  3. Wider strategies 

We are committed to evaluating the impact of our interventions through a range of measures, ensuring an ongoing assessment throughout each academic year. This evaluation process allows us to make data-driven adjustments, ensuring the effectiveness of our spend and maximising the positive outcomes for our students who are eligible for PP funding.

All of this work is underpinned by our passionate belief that education is the key driver in ensuring that every individual can reach their full potential and contribute to a better future for themselves and society as a whole. By instilling the highest aspirations for all our students, we are investing in tomorrow’s citizens today, enabling them to flourish, succeed, and live harmoniously as part of a community.

SBAS Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023-26