Primary Uniform

Students at Simon Balle All-through school wear their uniform with pride. It is important that students, and their families, understand the consistent expectations we hold, in order that students can represent our school, whilst at Simon Balle, in our local community and when representing Simon Balle at a range of extra-curricular events.

Please ensure all items of clothing are named. Lost property is held within our main reception (and in partnership with Busy Lizzie's at Simon Balle). Please just ask if something is missing.

Our uniform rules are as follows:

Sixth Form

Sixth Form students are expected to set an example to the rest of the school through their high standard of business-like dress and the way they present themselves. The intention of the Sixth Form dress code is to maintain the smart appearance of the lower school years. A Sixth Form student should be able to leave the school site and immediately attend a formal interview without having to change their appearance.

The Sixth Form dress code is smart office wear and the requirements are as follows:

  • Preferably a suit – (i.e. navy, grey or black) tailored jacket
  • Shirt with a tie and tailored trousers


  • V – neck jumper
  • Shirt with a tie and tailored trousers
  • Smart dark shoes (not trainers or other casual shoes)


  • Suit (preferably a dark colour) – i.e. jacket
  • Matching tailored skirt or full length tailored trousers,
  • Tailored jacket with tailored skirt, trousers or dress


  • Cardigan/V – neck jumper with tailored skirt, trousers or dress
  • Fitted shirt or smart top without logos.
  • Smart dark shoes (not trainers or other casual shoes)


No hooded tops, Denim jeans, skirts, tops or jackets. Leather skirts, trousers, tops or jackets. Sweat tops.

No trainers, Vans, Lace up boots (including Doc Martens), Plimsoll type shoes.

Sports subjects, if you need to wear kit it must be brought in to change into.

Shirts and blouses must cover the midriff. Shoulders must be covered up (no vest tops).

Dress and skirt lengths must be appropriate for office/workplace.

Nose piercings are allowed but no septum or other face piercings.