At Simon Balle All-through School, we are very fortunate to have two well-stocked libraries: the secondary library behind the secondary school reception and the Larch library situated in the atrium of the Larch primary school building. The two libraries are the cultural hub of the school.

Our aim is to support teaching and learning throughout all year groups and to encourage reading for pleasure by all students and staff. It is well researched by the National Literacy Trust that students who read voraciously and enjoy reading will have more opportunities in the future.

The libraries are also central to our creation of an SBAS all-through canon; a pursuit founded on a moral purpose which seeks to create a literary experience for all students, built on a reading culture, that will allow our students to share in ‘a set of references and resonances, a public vocabulary of narratives and discourse.’ The all-through cannon is intrinsically linked to the school’s values and ethos. The books are carefully selected and used as tools to increase understanding of the wider world, to explore social and moral dilemmas and to develop empathy.

The Larch

In Reception all students visit the Larch library each week: initially they listen to a story. Then they learn about how the library is arranged and how they can borrow books. As the year progresses they are allowed to choose a library book and borrow it to read at home with a parent/carer. This teaches students to respect school resources.

All primary students visit their library regularly. During the summer term of year 5, students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of ambassador roles for when they are in year 6. One of these ambassador roles is the position of Larch Librarian. The Larch librarians assist the librarian by keeping the shelves tidy and they have opportunities throughout the year to inspire other students and encourage them to read.

Secondary School

All year 7 students engage in the Accelerated reader programme which consists of dedicated library lessons that help to develop students’ comprehension and motivation. This is supplemented with a minimum expectation of twenty minutes reading at home each evening after school. 

To support their learning as they journey up the school, students are taught about the useful range of library resources such as Accessit, Britannica Online and Issues Online.

There is a wide variety of weekly, monthly and annual events in the secondary library including quizzes and competitions.

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Library Staff:

  • Miss R Iles (Librarian)
  • Mr K Belsey