The pastoral team works towards positive wellbeing in school, supporting students and families alongside staff and other agencies, to ensure students become good citizens.  

Simon Balle All-through School prides itself on its outstanding levels of pastoral care that we offer to all of our students. Our aim is to create an ethos and an environment where each student can be happy, succeed and thrive in every aspect of their education alongside flourishing as an individual and as a good citizen.

Our vision of a society where all people feel included, are respected and treated with dignity, live well with each other and have the necessary knowledge, skills and wisdom in order to flourish, is at the heart of the Simon Balle community.

Student procedures have been developed to ensure that all children, regardless of their age or ability can fulfil their potential and develop good, positive attitudes. We believe that no one can flourish when worried or unhappy. Therefore we aim to create a calm, well ordered, caring environment where learning takes place and everyone feels valued for who they are.

despite the large size of the school, pupils are known as individuals. The Head of Year and Head of Subject liaised very well with each other to promote the development of the child.” (Ofsted- May 2018)

The Form Tutors (years 7-13) and the class teacher (Reception to Y6) ensure that the child is well cared for. Indeed they are the key point of contact for the parents.

Heads of year and phase leaders are also responsible for the wellbeing and academic achievement of the children. Further support and guidance is also provided by the senior leadership team and student support worker. The pastoral team can refer students for counselling should the need arise: this is provided on site in a safe and discreet environment.

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