Our aim at Simon Balle All-through School is to provide the best possible opportunities for student achievement, progress and learning. We also believe that the promotion of excellence in learning gives students a real chance to grow as individuals and to make positive contributions to communities. At Simon Balle All-through School we recognise that high quality of teaching, learning & assessment in the classroom for all students is one of the most influential factors in student success and achievement and therefore place considerable emphasis on teachers taking active responsibility for their own professional development. Our teachers are encouraged to develop their practice by being open to current research. This can include innovative and creative techniques in order to ensure our students receive stimulating learning experiences and develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits that they require to find success in their lives.

We value the fact that teachers are unique individuals, all of whom have their own strengths, skills and preferred teaching styles and agree that there is no particular methodology demanded of our teachers. Simon Balle All-through School has developed a set of research-driven teaching and learning principles of the features of outstanding practice which research and our own experiences suggest have the most impact on students’ learning. Our principles have been cultivated from the most up-to-date educational research, combined with our existing teaching and learning philosophy. 

Teaching & Learning Principles

Our vision of “Creating tomorrow’s citizens today” is ensured through an offer of a quality education that develops students’ high aspirations, metacognitive development, effective feedback and engagement. We provide the necessary support for student progress and success whilst offering every opportunity for literacy & oracy development in all phases of learning from EYFS to KS5

  1. Subject Expertise and Sequencing

  2. High Expectations and Inclusive Education

  3. Stage-Appropriate Challenge and Adaptive Teaching

  4. Metacognitive Methods and Self-Regulated Learning

  5. Feedback and Scaffolding


1. Subject Expertise and Sequencing: 

The SBAS teacher possesses subject expertise to deliver accurate instruction. They should design curricula in a logical sequence, ensuring topics build upon prior learning and interweave related concepts. This promotes deeper understanding and facilitates future learning.

2. High Expectations and Inclusive Education:       

The SBAS teacher sets high expectations for all students, fostering a culture of excellence and achievement. They create an inclusive and diverse learning environment that values and respects the unique contributions of each individual, promoting equitable access and success for all.

3. Stage-Appropriate Challenge and Adaptive Teaching:     

The SBAS teacher provides stage-appropriate challenges that engage and stretch students’ abilities. They employ adaptive teaching strategies, such as modelling, to support students in navigating challenges and manage cognitive load effectively.

4. Metacognitive Methods and Self-Regulated Learning:       

The SBAS teacher integrates metacognitive methods into teaching and learning practice that helps equip students with strategies to monitor their own thinking, set goals, plan their learning, and reflect on their progress. This fosters self-regulated learning, enhancing fluency and facilitating the retention and retrieval of knowledge.

5. Feedback and Scaffolding:  

The SBAS teacher provides timely feedback to guide students’ progress and address misconceptions. They use scaffolding techniques to support learners as they develop skills and knowledge. The scaffold instruction should optimise engagement, foster autonomy, and empower students to take ownership of their learning journey.

There are an infinite variety of ways in which our principles and other effective T&L research can be implemented across all our key phases and choice, creativity and individuality are important. There is also great value in collaborating and sharing best practice and our teachers are actively supported and encouraged to engage in working together across all key phases. When we teach we believe we are teaching the next historian, the next scientist or the next olympic gold medallist. Enabling students to foster our core values, gain knowledge & skills and by setting high aspirations, we have the arsenal to help create tomorrow’s citizens today across all phases of Simon Balle All-through School