Year 4 multiplication check

The Year 4 statutory multiplication check was introduced nationally in 2021-2022 (Simon Balle also took part in the optional check in 2020-2021). -Though there is no national threshold or expected level, it is clear that the retention and recall of times tables is of great benefit to our students in their ongoing mathematical journeys.

2022 data:

  • 24+/25 = 68.9% (36.1% achieved 25/25)
  • 23+/25 = 77.0%
  • 22+/25 =  86.9%

High performance of our students with SEND is to be particularly noted.


Due to the growing primary phase in Simon Balle All-through school, 2021-2022 is our first year of KS2 SATs.

Students’ attainment and progress in 2022  is exceptionally strong.

At Simon Balle, the percentage of students achieving a combined expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics in 2022 is 89%. 

The national average for the percentage of students achieving a combined expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics in 2022 is 59%. 

KS2 SATs attainment 

2022 Simon Balle % National %
Reading Exp * 95% 74%
Reading GD ** 40%
Writing Exp 92% 69%
Writing GD 38%
Mathematics Exp 92% 71%
Mathematics GD 37%
Grammar, punctuation and spelling Exp 90% 72%
Grammar, punctuation and spelling GD 48%
Science Exp 95% 79%

* Exp = working at expected levels

** GD = working at greater depth levels 

Writing moderation, led by the local authority, led to the following feedback: 

…” Excellent examples of writing across multiple genres. Highly competent teachers assessing accurately… “

KS2 scaled scores

100 = expected levels

110 = greater depth

Scaled scores Simon Balle average 2022 National average 2022
Reading 108 105
Grammar, punctuation and spelling 109 105
Mathematics  107 104

KS2 progress

Students achieving within all prior attainment groups (low, middle and high) make very strong progress in KS2.  Large groups of students make accelerated progress (either progressing from below age-related expectations to age-related expectations or from age-related expectations to greater depth): 28.3% in reading, 26.7% in writing and 23.3% in mathematics. Progress is very strong for students across vulnerable groups including those eligible for pupil premium, with special educational needs and speaking English as an additional language.

In due course, performance tables will be published here:

Please note, the government will not publish KS2 school level data for the 2021 to 2022 academic year. They have archived data from the 2018 to 2019 academic year because they recognise that the data from that year may no longer reflect current performance.