The importance of excellent Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) lies at the heart of our vision to “create tomorrow’s citizens today”. It is vital that all human beings have the skills and knowledge to be able to contribute positively to society, make wise choices and feel a sense of achievement and self worth. As an all through school, our deep emphasis upon character building, the development of personal and community values, alongside knowledge and skills, is critical to creating a culture which promotes a relevant and first class careers education and guidance programme.  This is our driver when working with our youngest children when aged 4+ as they join our school until they leave as young adults, aged 18+ years.
Careers Education is led by Mike Moss (01992 410400) 

Using the Gatsby model we continue to develop a robust programme and experiences for all of our young people. 

Our school values emphasise a just society and one in which we have the  highest aspirations for all of our young people regardless of background, race or ability. 

Therefore our aims for CEG are:

  •  By ensuring a culture of high aspirations and the worth of the individual as a member of the wider community, to improve motivation, attendance and attainment and promote ‘social mobility’ for the benefit of all students, their families, their community and our wider society.
  • To help all  students  to make informed decisions, thus helping them to  cope with a changing world, and a challenging maze of career choices
  • To develop a robust curriculum which addresses all aspects of CEG, knowledge and skills
  • To challenge stereotypes within the world of work 

The Simon Balle All through Careers curriculum is shaped by the needs of individual students and so developing a strong dialogue with pupils is at the heart of our careers programme. Opportunities for advice and support will be tailored to the needs of each student. Consideration for SEND learners is taken into account and activities are differentiated to ensure an inclusive approach and equality of access. 

Using the Gatsby model, and ever reflecting and monitoring for impact our provision includes:

  • Personal Guidance and how to use Labour Market Information
  • Promoting the use of resources selected available on Google Classroom platform
  • Supporting student’s transition to their next destination, for example, CVs and applications for apprenticeships, higher education and employment  
  • Engagement with local and national employers. 
  • Monitoring and tracking careers enrichment  and engagement  so career link activities and skills have been captured on UNIFROG
  • Promoting Careers education in the curriculum 
  • Engaging Alumni to inspire students in their careers choices and pathways
  • Ensuring students have the opportunity to access specialist guidance when making a change to their career plan

Careers Guidance Strategy and Review Document

‘Creating tomorrow’s citizens today’ means that it is important for our careers education to be interwoven through children’s primary years, as a foundation and springboard for the formal structure of careers education in the secondary phase. We believe in:

  • The highest expectations for students’ achievements in English and mathematics – it is important for children in key stage two particularly to understand that this will open the most opportunities in the future.
  • Providing an enriching curriculum, both through the main curriculum and through extra-curricular activities (perhaps hyper link this) – which all children will be invited to. The breadth of offer is intended to inspire, to support progression of skills, and to invite children to make a commitment to their interests.
  • Our emphasis on our values education supports children to fully understand the character virtues which they will need through their lives and careers. An emphasis is placed on ‘responsibility’, for example, and we promote students’ independence and responsibility for their own learning. Equally our high expectations for attendance and punctuality support preparation for the future.
  • The value of hope and aspiration teaches students’ to have broad and exciting horizons. Exposure to future careers is taught through every subject of the curriculum: for example, from Understanding the world in the Early Years (a focus is included on the emergency services and people who help us) to biology, chemistry and physics, to computing, to geography and the application of mathematics skills.

In the secondary phase careers education is delivered through our learning for life programme.

Simon Balle All through School promotes the importance of “volunteering”, as this is a way in which many people acquire a passion, gain skills of leadership and teamwork which in later life, enables them to play a wider role in society, either through paid work or voluntary interests. Research widely acknowledges the importance of volunteering as promoting wellbeing and community harmony, and this links in with our school’s commitment to “the 10 keys for happier living”.

Opportunities for volunteering are many fold, and are open to all students. From taking responsibility for small classroom tasks in reception and KS1, to student librarians, listening to younger children read, academic mentors, music ambassadors and sports leaders (including helping at other local primary and special schools). We also have a thriving School Parliament with form representatives, active societies and bringing all the decisions together in our half termly School Parliament,

As part of the commitment of being in the Sixth Form all students in Year 12 commit to a minimum of one hour a week helping students across the school community. This is coordinated by the students.

We ensure that regular monitoring, evaluation and review are conducted by Heads of Department, Heads of Year and the Senior Leadership team to ensure the regularity, quality and nature of the Careers provision across the curriculum. Appropriate dialogues and interventions will take place if issues are identified to ensure that all students receive their entitlement and that feedback and marking is having a positive impact on learning. This is done through 

    • capturing our careers enrichment and engagement on Unifrog.
    • Annual review against the Gatsby Benchmarks using the Compass tool.
    • stakeholders completing a Cross curricular mapping document against the CDI framework to identify any gaps.

Name Title Main responsibilities 
Mike Moss Senior Leader Careers Link Strategic Overview

Mike Moss


Career Leader


Developing strategy, careers programme


Lucy Owen




Year 5-8 focus


Rachel Kirk


Vice Principal (primary)


Primary careers provision


Luisa Grandine


Guidance Adviser


1:1 interviews, tracking destinations


Russell Ford


Sixth Form Manager


WEX placements and sixth form careers provision


Steve Robins


SEND KS4 Careers


Teaching alternative pathways, work experience and mentoring 






Co-ordinating EHCP and careers interviews


Rebecca Miller


Sixth form Careers Apprenticeship lead at SBAS


Focus on apprenticeships & Sixth form Careers


Chris Dowton


Enterprise Coordinator


Supporting employer engagement


Rob Moody


Enterprise Adviser, Senior Partner Ernst & Young


Strategic support around careers and links to international business.


John Wiggett           


Link Governor


Overview of careers policy and link governor


Rosemary Iles




Link with speakers for schools

Careers guidance is the responsibility of all relevant staff at Simon Balle All through School. As well as our key members below the Heads of Year and form tutors play a key role in promoting our programme and ensuring that students are prepared for their next steps. As a forum we monitor and evaluate the careers programme and policy regularly through the academic year.

The following organisations support our Careers and IAG provision:

    • YC Hertfordshire
  • Provide qualified personal advisers to deliver careers interviews with all students in Years 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13.
      • Employment excellence programme – for Hertfordshire Children Looked After from years 8-11, to support with transition between the key stages and raise career aspirations.
    • We are signed up to The Careers and Enterprise Company – The Enterprise Adviser Network – programme. This is a free provision managed locally by Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership to support us to achieve all 8 Gatsby Benchmarks by December 2020 – a target set by Department for Education in their Careers Strategy (Dec 2017).
      • We have been matched with Rob Moody (Enterprise Advisor) to help us to work towards the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks. Meetings take place on a regular basis to discuss progress.
    • University of Hertfordshire
  • Provide guidance and information to students and parents on apprenticeship applications.
  • Haileybury College
      • Oxbridge application support
    • Amazing Apprenticeships
  • Provide support on the UCAS university process and applications.
    • ELSA
  • Provide support for our Year 9 Get Work Ready Day

Further information about The Careers and Enterprise Company can be found here:

Further information about The Gatsby Benchmarks can be found here:



In December 2017 we achieved the nationally recognised Investor in Careers Award. We are currently committed to working towards a reassessment of this award by December 2021.