The importance of excellent careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) lies at the heart of our vision to “create tomorrow’s citizens today”. It is vital that all human beings have the skills and knowledge to be able to contribute positively to society, make wise choices and feel a sense of achievement and self worth. As an all through school, our deep emphasis upon character building, the development of personal and community values, alongside knowledge and skills, is critical to creating a culture which promotes a relevant and first class CEIAG programme. This is our driver when working with our youngest students when aged 4+ as they join our school until they leave as young adults, aged 18+ years.


Our aims are:


  • To develop students academic and soft employability skills to ensure they are employment ready. For example, problem solving collaboration and adaptability.
  • To develop students so that they can use career management and employability skills.
  • To create a stable careers programme to prepare students for opportunities, responsibilities and experiences in later life, and promote inspiring careers and enterprise activities.
  • Preparing them for the choices to be made at the transition ages of 13, 16 and 18.
  • To help students make informed decisions, thus helping them cope with a challenging labour market.
  • To create a sense of self worth leading to economic and mental wellbeing leading to improved motivation, aspirations, attendance and attainment.
  • To promote social mobility for the benefit of students, their families, their communities and our wider society.
  • To challenge gender stereotypes, promoting the whole range of options which includes apprenticeships, T-Levels, degree apprenticeships, university, trainee roles etc.


The skills, knowledge and experiences that they have gained throughout their time at Simon Balle All-through School will enable our students to go out into the globally competitive world with the skills, attributes and behaviours equipped for the twenty-first century. They will discover what they find interesting and be passionate about. They will leave school with the information they need to make their next best step and the life skills for the remainder of their careers journey. They will possess confidence and have a sense of self worth, being empowered to make decisions and resilient to be a lifelong learner.

Careers Education is led by Ciaran Prendergast (01992 410400)