Students at Simon Balle achieve consistently well in the national phonics screening check at the end of Year 1. In 2019, 93% of students achieved the expected standard (compared with 82% nationally). There is no data available for 2020 due to Covid-19.

Students’ attainment at KS1 (SATs at the end of Year 2) in 2019 at Simon Balle was above the national average in every respect: in reading, writing and mathematics, and for the percentage of students achieving at both the expected standard and at greater depth. In reading and writing the percentage of students achieving at greater depth was significantly above the national average.

KS1 2019 Reading Writing Mathematics RWM combined
Exp * GD ** Exp GD Exp GD Exp GD
Simon Balle 2019 85.0% 43.3% 85.0% 31.7% 83.3% 33.3% 76.7% 18.3%
National 2019 75.0% 25.0% 69.0% 15.0% 76.0% 22.0% 65.3% 11.7% 
Simon Balle 2018 79.7% 35.8% 72.9% 32.2% 84.7% 32.2% 62.7% 22.0%

*  = The expected standard
** = Greater depth (above the expected standard)

Students achieving within all prior attainment groups (low, middle and high) make at least good progress across KS1 at Simon Balle.  88% of students in 2019 achieved good progress across KS1 in reading, 92% in writing and 93% in mathematics. 17% of students made accelerated progress in reading, 15% in writing and 23% in mathematics: this reflects students either progressing from below age-related expectations to age-related expectations or from age-related expectations to greater depth.

Our community is passionate about the potential for every child to make strong progress. The curriculum is structured to support excellence in learning in both core subjects reported here (reading, writing and mathematics) and across the curriculum. In 2019, strong progress was achieved equally by students with a recognised special educational need and by those students who are entitled to pupil premium in comparison to all students nationally.