Our parents are keen to get involved in supporting the school at all levels both academically and socially for they understand that if we are to create “Tomorrow’s citizens today” , our young people need to excel with their learning and also develop strong moral  character. To volunteer to support and organise community events and alongside this raise funds for resources, is an ideal way to get involved. 

Our Parent/Staff Association (PSA) is all through; indeed several members have children who attend both primary and secondary phases. The aim of the PSA is to offer support to the school with school organised events and also to fundraise for wider projects which will benefit the children within the whole Simon Balle community. On average, the PSA raises around £18,000 to £20,000 a year, through its various activities. In the past the school has greatly benefitted from these funds which have helped to enhance the refurbishment of the popular swimming pool, has helped to pay for playground equipment in the primary playground, sponsored a minibus costs each year as well as either buying smaller pieces of equipment or sponsor special enrichment events such as science week. 

The PSA supports the school with its own events by running a refreshment bar, raffles or simply offering manpower at such events as school plays, concerts, sports days, the annual carol service and parents evenings. 

In addition, members dedicate a great deal of time and effort to organising and running specific fund raising events. These fall into several categories and usually attract an all through audience. Quiz nights are ever popular, and our successful summer and winter fetes have been the ‘talk of Hertford’, both raising over £4000 each. There are also more focused events aimed at a specific audience, for example, the reception year tea towel, book sales and Manic Ceramics pottery workshops. 

You can find out more about our work on our PSA website http://www.simonballepsa.org.uk/, our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/simonballepsa/, or the school Twitter account https://www.twitter.com/Simon_Balle.

You can contact us by emailing us at Psa@simonballepsa.org.uk