Headteacher’s Welcome

AJS2Welcome to Simon Balle All-through School.  This is indeed a very special place where everyone is important and matters.

Simon Balle is known for its high expectations, first class education and its innovative approach.  Our vision and values underpin all we do.  Indeed, everyone who knows us or visits our school speaks of our distinct ethos with its strong sense of natural support and loyalty.  Indeed, this can be seen throughout our school; from our youngest children in our Larch Centre right to our eighteen year old students within our Sixth Form.

Our vision is clear – all members of the Simon Balle community are set high and challenging academic and personal targets and goals; thus they are given both the support and encouragement to succeed.  We are so privileged as adults that the greatest gift we can give to our young people is a first class education to prepare them as ‘tomorrow’s citizens’ – the leaders, parents and workers in our globally diverse and competitive world.

Simon Balle is a learning community and therefore teaching and learning is at the heart of all we do. Academic results are incredibly important. Our curriculum is relevant and fairly traditional, with a great emphasis upon the core subjects, humanities and languages, sitting alongside a promotion and love of the arts and creativity.  Promoting outdoor learning is equally important and this includes our vision for all students to explore and be curious about the world around them. Our values drive all we do; creativity, hard work, mutual respect and honesty are constantly reinforced. However, we are forward looking and innovative. Students really enjoy school and are extremely committed as they understand the relevance of what they are doing.

We are a nurturing community at Simon Balle. Ofsted awarded us very high grades for all aspects of our work; behaviour, attendance, safe practices, health and cultural development. Relationships at Simon Balle are exceptionally good, newcomers are welcomed and the feeling of an ‘effective family’ is often commented upon. Guidance and support are key aspects of our work. Students know that they are listened to and that together we work for improvement.

Our values and sense of moral purpose drives all we do. We are a responsible and responsive community. Our students think deeply about others, care for the environment and are passionate about how they can make a difference to others.

This is indeed a special place.

Alison Saunders, Headteacher